Classes by Rob Couzens

Classes by Rob Couzens

Rob Couzens is a competitive boxer and trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the ring, and over 120 fights under his belt. A member of Team Canada, Rob is a four-time Gold Canadian Championship Champion, seven-time Provincial champion, and four-time Golden Gloves Champion among other notable tournaments.

In Rob’s classes you’ll learn the foundations of boxing, understand the importance of conditioning, and develop mental strength for your practice and everyday life. Expect to be challenged and build confidence as you learn new boxing techniques, improving your moves step by step - 1% every day.

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Classes by Rob Couzens
  • Learn the Mindset of a Boxer to Move Through Challenges in Your Life (3 Mins)

    Team Canada boxer Rob Couzens examines the mindset that has helped him become a champion to help you develop your mental toughness both in your practice and in your everyday life.

  • Power Breathing with Rob | Dynamic Breath & Conditioning Class (4 Mins)

    These fundamental breathing techniques will prepare your body for a well-rounded practice. Integrating these elements into each movement will allow you to flow through each movement, performing each strike and combination with ease, strength, and confidence.

  • NEW | Learn How to Train like a Boxer with Rob | Conditioning Workshop (4 Mins)

    Rob educates you on the importance of conditioning for a boxer and why he has chosen to include the specific conditioning movements in his Boxing Foundations program. Knowing why you are moving in a certain way will give you confidence and purpose to continue working on these fundamental techniques.

  • Learn Modifications of Boxing Foundations with Rob (4 mins)

    Rob takes you through some of the common mistakes that beginner boxers make, learning how to break your technique down incrementally, work at your own pace, modify the conditioning movements to your body, and giving yourself permission to be a beginner - boxing is for everyone!

  • NEW | Learn How to Throw a Punch with Rob | Jab Workshop (4 Mins)

    Rob breaks down the foundations of the fundamental punch, the Jab. Your Jab is the number one punch in boxing and is thrown with your dominant hand. Learn how to execute your technique properly, defend yourself, and incorporate footwork. This is all about repetition and finding your form, just jab!

  • Learn Stance and Guard with Rob (2 Mins)

    The Stance is the foundational position in boxing. Every movement starts here. Find your dominant hand, and step your opposite foot forward to stagger your stance. Both feet will face forward, angled slightly towards your dominant side. Find balance here, shifting your weight to the balls of your...

  • Footwork with Rob | Learn Basic Boxing Footwork (3 Mins)

    In boxing, staying in a solid stance is crucial to your performance; crossing your feet can compromise your balance. No matter which direction you move, the same rules apply: Push, step, drag. Starting in stance, start by moving forward. Push off your rear leg to step forward with your leading fo...

  • Learn Slipping with Rob (1 Min)

    Slipping is an evasive tactic used to get out of the way when a Jab or Cross is thrown towards you. From your Stance, lean to your right and slightly forward. Once you find your balance here, slip to your left side, bending at the waist as you maintain your stance. Slip from side to side, as if d...

  • Bob and Weave

    The Bob and Weave is an evasive ducking tactic to get around an opponent’s Hook. Start in your Stance position, and imagine a line straight forward from your eye line. Lean to your dominant side, bending the knees then ducking below the line to the opposite side. Repeat this motion, ducking to th...

  • Learn Jab and Cross with Rob (4 Mins)

    The Jab and Cross are the foundational straight punches used to find your range, create space, and distract your opponent to set up a powerful combination.

  • Learn Hook with Rob (3 Mins)

    A good Hook can surprise your opponent with a strong hit from the side, around their guard. For your lead hook, also known as your “3”, from stance, begin as if throwing a Jab straight out with your non-dominant hand and pausing halfway. From here, punch sharply inwards to hook, keeping your elbo...

  • Learn Uppercut with Rob (3 Mins)

    The Uppercut is a quick and powerful upward punch, delivered to the opponent's chin or stomach. Starting with your Lead Uppercut, also known as your “5,” lean slightly towards your non-dominant side and bend down into the knees, ready to spring up quickly. Using your legs for power, come up and l...

  • Learn Skipping with Rob (2 Mins)

    Grip your hands on the handles close to the rope for control, hopping all your weight on one foot. The opposite heel will raise as you touch the ground with your toes. Then, repeat the same motion, shifting your weight to the opposite foot. Hop from side to side and find a rhythm. Begin using you...

  • Hip Rotations

    Start standing with your feet just over shoulder width apart, locking your knees and placing your hands on your hips. Move your upper body from left to right in this position. To begin your Hip Rotation, move your hips to the left, bending forward at the waist and keeping your back straight. Swiv...

  • Learn Side Punch Outs with Rob (1 Min)

    Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, hands in guard position. Keep your chin down and elbows tucked in. Your right hand punch will reach to the left side, and your left hand punch will extend to the right. Rotate your hips as you punch to the side, flicking up your heel as yo...

  • Introduction to Core

    Explosive power from your legs and hips requires a strong core to stabilize boxing punches and techniques. A strong core will act as a second line of defense to your guard position, and increase performance in your daily movements outside of boxing.

  • Mountain Climbers

    Lower your body into a strong Push Up position. Once stable here, begin stepping your knees up to your chest, one at a time. Alternate knees, landing your toes lightly to the floor before quickly returning to start. Increase your speed as you gain confidence in your form. Focus on fast feet, spri...

  • Ladder Climbers

    Begin this movement from standing, feet hip width apart. Start by alternating high knees, running on the spot. Next, add in the arm motions. Bring one arm up, as if reaching up a ladder. Raise your right arm as your left knee comes up, then alternate sides. Take the time to coordinate your motion...

  • Frogs

    Staring from a high Push Up position, ground your feet together with your hips in the air. Jump your feet up to your chest, keeping your feet together. Jump back to your Push Up position, then immediately outwards, jumping your feet to the side, apart from one another. Return to your starting pos...

  • Learn Criss Cross with Rob (1 Min)

    The Criss Cross is an alternate Jumping Jack movement. Start from standing, then hop your feet outwards. As you hop back inwards, cross your feet in front. Jump out, then right back in, crossing the other foot in front. Next, add the arm motion. With your arms at your side, swing inwards, crossin...

  • Introduction to Jumping

    Adding powerful Jumping movements and exercises to your boxing routine will add explosive strength, conditioning, and endurance to your practice in and out of the ring.

  • Jump Squat

    Start from standing, feet hip width apart. Pull down into a squat, shifting your hips out, keeping your back straight, and opening the chest up. Add weight to your heels rather than forward on your toes. Stay balanced, then spring into a jump. Land with your feet together, then hop back to should...

  • Knee to Elbow

    Start standing, feet with your feet hip width apart and hands on the side of your head. Link your fingers behind your head for stability. Bring one knee up to your chest as you twist your body down, then bring your opposite elbow to meet it. Return to starting position. Repeat the same motion, br...

  • Starfish

    The Starfish is an explosive and big Jumping exercise. From standing, crouch into a small ball with your chest to your knees, and arms wrapped around your shin in front. From here, spring out and jump upwards, opening your arms and legs wide at the top of your jump. As you come down, bring your a...