Titles Available for Purchase

  • A Killer Stance with Farinaz Lari

    1 video  |   Buy $15

    Learn the basics of kickboxing in this dynamic 22-minute practice with world-champion Farinaz Lari. Starting with the foundational Stance, Jab, and Cross, you’ll find confidence to move boldly and swiftly with these essential moves. Suggested equipment: skipping rope.

  • Movement Class with Kate Potter

    7 videos  |   Buy $15

    Movement Class with Kate Potter is a 25-minute sequence that combines yoga and dance to take you somewhere fresh and new. Bring life and buoyancy to your practice as you engage with Kate Potter’s dance-inspired choreography.

  • Yoga Foundations Restorative Class

    5 videos  |   Buy $15

    This Restorative Class is a healing practice important for all levels. This gentle 21-minute sequence takes you from one relaxing resting pose into the next, encouraging you to give yourself permission to rest. Relax into each movement and each breath with intention and care.

  • Five Elements
    12 videos  |   Buy $25

    Five Elements

    12 videos  |   Buy $25

    Delve deeper into the rich tradition of yoga with Namaste: The Five Elements in Yoga. In this innovative program, master yoga teacher Kate Potter translates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the holistic medicine of historic India, and applies it to your everyday life.