Stories & Documentaries

Stories & Documentaries

Stay motivated with stories that will move you. Our featured documentaries and inspiring stories will challenge you to redefine how you relate to fitness.

Stories & Documentaries
  • Trailers

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    Discover stories that move you.

  • Documentaries

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    A collection of athlete documentaries that explore the power of movement. Stream Tokyo Olympiad, Truth North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball, the original production The Adaptive Athlete, and more.

  • Seasons | A Meditation on Movement and Creativity | Short Film (4 Mins)

    Johanna observes a pattern she has formed over time, a pull to function and efficiency, a pattern she is now called to break. Seasons is a short film directed by Josh Richardson that explores yielding to the natural rhythm of change and finding oneself at the intersection of creativity and movement.

  • Truth North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball

    On the heels of the Toronto Raptors’ historic NBA Championship and the record-setting number of Canadian draft picks, the Toronto hoop dream is more alive than ever.

    In this feature-length doc, director Ryan Sidhoo shines the spotlight on 12-year-old Elijah Fisher, 15-year-old Keone Davis and 18...

  • Experimental

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    A collection of documentaries that use creativity and expression to challenge the boundaries of movement.

  • On Movement

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    Discover how movement can carry forward into your creativity, work, and play. This original series explores the many ways we move throughout our lives.

  • Physical Education

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    Head back to P.E. class with this original series. We bring our teachers together with people from all walks of life to coach them through new moves in settings around Vancouver.