Explore Stories and Documentaries

Explore Stories and Documentaries

There are stories of movement all around us. Stories that have the power to move us and connect us. Stories that challenge what we think we’re capable of, pushing us to new limits. Stories that make us recognize the little ways in which we are already moving through our lives. These are some of the stories that are inspiring us right now.

Explore Stories and Documentaries
  • EXPLORE | Featured

    3 videos

    As storytellers, we share unique and uplifting perspectives about the transformative power of movement. These stories and documentaries feature authentic voices that celebrate movement in all forms and will help keep you inspired to live in movement at any age. Watch one of our featured Stories a...

  • EXPLORE | Documentaries

    6 videos

    Documentaries allow us to experience the world beyond our own personal borders. We see ourselves in the stories of others and realize our lives can be moved in ways that enrich us.

  • EXPLORE | Experimental

    2 videos

    Experimental film moves the borders of what film can be. It challenges our own narratives, the stories we tell ourselves. Where do we restrict ourselves or push ourselves into categories because we are afraid to make our own?

  • EXPLORE | On Movement

    6 videos

    Whether you’re a lifelong athlete, a living room dancer, a photographer or painter, or you enjoy simple walks through a park to get a coffee, the On Movement series will inspire you to keep moving, redefine how you experience fitness, and bring joy to your daily routines. NM teachers, staff, arti...

  • EXPLORE | Physical Education with NM

    4 videos

    We’re taking you back to P.E. class! In this series, we bring the Movement by NM teachers together with people from different walks of life to coach them through their different programs. The episodes feature insightful conversation on what it feels like to be a beginner, why learning the foundat...

  • Truth North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball

    On the heels of the Toronto Raptors’ historic NBA Championship and the record-setting number of Canadian draft picks, the Toronto hoop dream is more alive than ever.

    In this feature-length doc, director Ryan Sidhoo shines the spotlight on 12-year-old Elijah Fisher, 15-year-old Keone Davis and 18...