Physical Education

Physical Education

Head back to P.E. class with this original series. We bring our teachers together with people from all walks of life to coach them through new moves in settings around Vancouver.

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Physical Education
  • Physical Education with Adrian Gaskin

    Elite personal trainer Adrian Gaskin coaches retired grandmother Patti Nixon through functional and strength based movements. They also talk about the inspiration and motivation behind having a movement practice, of passing on a good example to her grandkids, and how movement has helped her cope ...

  • Physical Education with Farinaz Lari

    World Champion kickboxer Farinaz Lari coaches yoga teacher, activist, and actress Shayla Stonechild through her first ever kickboxing experience. They discuss the commonalities between the mindset of the actor and the fighter and their work to break down barriers of accessibility in the fitness ...

  • Physical Education with Dom Termansen

    CFL player Dom Termansen coaches professional photographer Chris Giannakos through athletic movements, encouraging him to push a little harder, jump a little higher, and providing tips to help him continuously improve and rediscover his motivation for fitness.

  • Physical Education with Rob Couzens

    Rob Couzens coaches professional boxing coach and community activist Ivan Yaco through his first ever boxing experience. Rob & Ivan find common ground in their youth work and the importance of visualization in goal setting.