Featured Stories

Featured Stories

These stories and documentaries celebrate movement in all forms and will inspire you to keep moving at any age in your life.

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Featured Stories
  • Stories and Documentaries

    We are storytellers – we share unique and uplifting perspectives about the transformative power of movement to keep you inspired. Explore stories that will move you in the Stories and Documentaries Collection.

  • TRAILER | True North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball

    On the heels of the Toronto Raptors’ historic NBA Championship and the record-setting number of Canadian draft picks, the Toronto hoop dream is more alive than ever. In this feature-length doc, director Ryan Sidhoo shines the spotlight on 12-year-old Elijah Fisher, 15-year-old Keone Davis, and 18...

  • On Movement with Amanda June Giannakos

    Amanda June Giannakos, Managing and Creative Director at NM reflects on her life’s mission of encouraging people to move. She explores how her early years, experiences as a teenage athlete, and her pregnancy have influenced and shaped her own perspective on movement, and how she truly believes ...

  • NEW | Physical Education with Jordan Connor (5 Mins)

    Canadian actor Jordan Connor trains with Athletic Movement teacher Dom Termansen. They talk about the importance of moving to feel good, the body standards in the film industry, and how our programs have helped Jordan reconnect with his athletic side while building confidence that goes beyond aes...