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Learn Slipping with Rob (1 Min)

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Footwork with Rob | Learn Basic Boxing Footwork (3 Mins)

Classes by Rob Couzens • 2m 40s

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  • Learn Slipping with Rob (1 Min)

    Slipping is an evasive tactic used to get out of the way when a Jab or Cross is thrown towards you. From your Stance, lean to your right and slightly forward. Once you find your balance here, slip to your left side, bending at the waist as you maintain your stance. Slip from side to side, as if d...

  • Bob and Weave

    The Bob and Weave is an evasive ducking tactic to get around an opponent’s Hook. Start in your Stance position, and imagine a line straight forward from your eye line. Lean to your dominant side, bending the knees then ducking below the line to the opposite side. Repeat this motion, ducking to th...

  • Learn Jab and Cross with Rob (4 Mins)

    The Jab and Cross are the foundational straight punches used to find your range, create space, and distract your opponent to set up a powerful combination.