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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Wellness Studio

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Wellness Studio

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Learn Modifications of Boxing Foundations with Rob (4 mins)

Classes by Rob Couzens • 4m 19s

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  • NEW | Learn How to Throw a Punch with...

    Rob breaks down the foundations of the fundamental punch, the Jab. Your Jab is the number one punch in boxing and is thrown with your dominant hand. Learn how to execute your technique properly, defend yourself, and incorporate footwork. This is all about repetition and finding your form, just jab!

  • Learn Stance and Guard with Rob (2 Mins)

    The Stance is the foundational position in boxing. Every movement starts here. Find your dominant hand, and step your opposite foot forward to stagger your stance. Both feet will face forward, angled slightly towards your dominant side. Find balance here, shifting your weight to the balls of your...

  • Footwork with Rob | Learn Basic Boxin...

    In boxing, staying in a solid stance is crucial to your performance; crossing your feet can compromise your balance. No matter which direction you move, the same rules apply: Push, step, drag. Starting in stance, start by moving forward. Push off your rear leg to step forward with your leading fo...