Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga

5 Seasons

Kate Potter unites traditional yoga movements with her flowing, choreographic approach in Series 1 and 2. Originally created for television, thousands of people all over the world continue to revisit these 26 classes to build strength and grace on and off the mat.

Erica Blitz leads you through an immersive practice experience enhanced by stunning visuals and powerful yoga sequences in Series 3 and 4. The 26 classes place an emphasis on core alignment and balance and will leave you feeling energized and challenged no matter your level.

No equipment used.
Time: < 30 minutes.

Namaste Yoga
  • Strengthen & Surrender with Erica | Hip & Hamstring-focused Yoga Class (22 mins)

    Episode 1

    This moving meditation leads you through a series of postures that will strengthen the hips and hamstrings. Find balance between ease and effort while bringing a sense of curiosity to your experience of each posture. This class is Episode 401 of our Namaste Yoga series.

  • Episode 402 - Anahata Flow

    Episode 2

    A heart-centered practice, Anahata Flow allows the body to seek the freedom of the sky while unifying with the breath.

  • Recharge and Revitalize with Erica | Energizing Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 3

    Allow your breath to be bigger than the movements of your body in this invigorating sequence. You'll move through a dynamic series of yoga poses that will ground you in your strength, open your front body, hips, and back. This is episode 403 of Namaste Yoga.

  • Episode 404 - Core Connection

    Episode 4

    Core Connection uses confident poses to help you embrace your inner strength and let go of any tensions you might encounter.

  • Episode 405 - The Power of One

    Episode 5

    The Shiva Nataraja sequence allows you to explore the balance points of your hands.

  • Episode 406 - Strong, Slow and Steady

    Episode 6

    Strong, Slow and Steady moves you through that ever-challenging Crow Pose, while guiding you to the realization that you cannot fail to be where you already are.

  • Episode 407 - Home is at Heart

    Episode 7

    An energizing sequence, Heart Flow encourages you to feel, rather than forcing your way through the poses.

  • Episode 408 - Awaken Shakti

    Episode 8

    Experience your physical body in a new and different way by using alignment cues as a way to feel your literal space more deeply.

  • Unravel to Reveal with Erica | Power Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 9

    This class is an opportunity to strengthen your yoga practice. Erica guides you through a flowing warm-up to prepare you for a dynamic sequence including head-to-knee pose, warrior 2 and 3, and a revolved twisted lunge. This is a class to come back to, each time you will develop your coordination...

  • Episode 410 - Expand and Empower

    Episode 10

    Expand and Empower is a strengthening sequence that allows you the opportunity to observe your alignment.

  • Episode 411 - Root to Rise

    Episode 11

    Learn to stay open, no matter what happens, with the Root to Rise sequence.

  • Episode 412 - Revolve to Evolve

    Episode 12

    Core Connection uses confident poses to help you embrace your inner strength and let go of any tensions you might encounter.

  • Episode 413 - Balanced Being

    Episode 13

    Balanced Being is a powerful, flowing sequence that creates presence and strength.