New Around Here

New Around Here

Every week we add new content to get you moving. Here you will find our freshest releases from new classes to inspiring stories. Feel free to move.

New Around Here
  • NEW | Stretch with Amanda | Full Body Movement Class (13 Mins)

    Amanda designed this class for those days when you just need a short stretch break to reset and feel good in your body. She guides you through some of her favourite stretches to release tension. You will move through spinal rolls, modified sun salutation, ankle rolls, hamstring stretches, glute b...

  • NEW | Flow Like Water | Full Body Belly Dancing Class (24 Mins)

    This class will develop your dance coordination and conditioning. You’ll begin with a gentle dance warm up, preparing you for the full body practice which targets your core, footwork, hip mobility, and upper body. This class teaches five classic movements: maya hips, Egyptian figure eight, cabare...

  • NEW | MuayFit with Farinaz | Full Body Strength & Conditioning Class (24 Mins)

    Farinaz developed MuayFit to make you feel strong, confident, and athletic. This class will challenge your conditioning and build your full body strength with timed repetitions. Before each round, Farinaz will take you through the movements and provide modifications for all levels. It’s okay if y...

  • NEW | 20 Questions with Gabriela & Farinaz | Interview Series (7 Mins)

    We sat down with NM teacher and kickboxing champion Farinaz Lari and Producer Gabriela Schonbach to play a round of 20 Questions.

    Find out what's on their bucket list, why Farinaz loves baby goat videos, and the best advice they've both received.

    Visit our Classes by Farinaz collection to chall...

  • Classes by Lydia Zamorano

    15 items

    Over the past 20 years, Lydia has developed a teaching style that is designed to support people to connect to their bodies and simply feel better. For Lydia, yoga is not about flexibility or perfecting poses but a way to be present with yourself in the moment. She invites you to come as you are t...

  • The Queen of Basketball

    From director Ben Proudfoot and executive producers Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Curry, The Queen of Basketball is an electrifying portrait of Lusia “Lucy” Harris who scored the first basket in women's Olympic history and was the first and only woman officially drafted into the NBA. Despite her i...