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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

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  • Introduction to Plyometric Movement

    Plyometric drills develop agility, speed, and power, fueling your body with lasting energy and stamina for the rest of your day. Unlike compound movements that keep you planted firmly, plyometric exercises will take you off the ground. These high-intensity moves will challenge your endurance, but...

  • Fast Hands

    This dynamic plank modification will light up your core and develop shoulder strength and stability. Rise up to a tall plank, keeping your back body line straight and tight from heel to head and your hands beneath your shoulders. Keeping your elbows locked, begin moving your hands, one at a time,...

  • 180° Hop

    The 180° Hop is a rotational plyo drill that will fully engage your lower body and core, increase your athleticism and get your blood flowing! From standing, drop into a deep squat, extending your arms straight out behind you. Explode in a big jump off both feet and rotate your upper body as you ...