Formation Studio x NM | Learn to Dance

Formation Studio x NM | Learn to Dance

We've partnered with Formation Studio to bring you a selection of beginner-friendly dance classes. In this collection, you will find dance basics, dance-based strength and conditioning classes, choreography classes where you will learn a routine, and classes to dance it out and feel good. If you've never danced before or have never considered yourself a dancer, these classes are for you. They are designed to find a new way to express yourself through movement, challenge yourself with something new, and most importantly, have fun. Own your presence, find your power, and feel freedom within the music.

Formation Studio x NM | Learn to Dance
  • Welcome to Your Beginner Dance Classes with Formation Studio (2 Mins)

    Founder of Formation Studio, Saschie MacLean-Magbanua, welcomes you to Formation Studio dance classes and lets you know what to expect. These classes are designed to help you form habits and build confidence, own your presence, find your power, and feel freedom within the music. It's not about do...

  • FREEDOM | Learn Dance Basics

    17 items

    This is a great place to start if you are new to dance or need a refresher on the basics. You will learn how to find the beat, fundamental dance steps so you can feel comfortable jumping into a dance class, and learn to bring it all together with a Kitchen Dance Party! These classes are meant to ...

  • PRESENCE | Learn Beginner Choreography

    5 items

    Learning choreography is another type of challenge and requires muscle memory, which is a different way of retaining information. It takes time to develop this skill, and it's normal to feel frustrated or unsure at the start. Formation Studio’s choreographed classes are called “Presence” as they ...

  • POWER & RELEASE | Learn Dance Conditioning

    7 items

    Dancing is a full-body physical exercise. Dance conditioning is a great way to increase your endurance, work on your mobility and flexibility, and help to prevent injury. "Power" is designed to build your strength and push the boundaries of your comfort zone with new movements. You will work on s...