NEW | 2-Minute Classes

NEW | 2-Minute Classes

A collection of quick classes for a boost of energy, mental or creative refresh, restorative stretch, or heart rate pumpup. Press pause on the tasks of the day and give yourself 2 minutes to move, wherever you are.

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NEW | 2-Minute Classes
  • NEW | 2-Minute Creativity Flow with Amanda | Fun Movement Class (2 Minutes)

    Join Amanda for a quick creative flow. You'll play with transitions from Downward Dog to variations on Wild Thing. In just two minutes, you'll open up your side body, find a nice inner groin stretch, and release tension in your spine. Taking time to be creative like this is a reminder that moveme...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Couch Moves with Amanda | Easy Stretch Class (2 Mins)

    This class is perfect for when you're curled up on the couch on episode 8 of your favourite show. Just two minutes of stretches will open up your body, get your blood flowing, and dissolve any sticky feelings from sitting too long. Amanda will guide you through three simple stretches to target yo...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Dance Release with Trilby | Dance Cardio Class (2 Mins)

    Prioritize playfulness and fun for just two minutes with a little dance party! Trilby leads you through low impact dance moves to shake off stress and add joy to your life. This class is guaranteed to lift your mood, elevate your heart rate, and remind you how fun movement can be!

    No equipment r...

  • 2-Minute Moves with Rob | Functional Mobility Class (2 Mins)

    2-Minute Moves is a new series of classes created to show that adding only two minutes of movement to your day can brighten your mood and change your relationship with your body! Being consistent and showing up for yourself doesn't have to mean sweaty or long workouts. We promise you'll feel the ...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Strength with Farinaz | Lower Body Strength Class (2 Mins)

    Take a movement break and feel the difference in your day! Farinaz leads you through her essential moves for feeling strong and powerful: good morning and squat. These moves will light up your lower body, engage your core, and give you a burst of energy. Your phone, tasks, or chores can wait for ...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Reset with Trilby | Gentle Stretch Class (2 Mins)

    Join Trilby and press reset on your mood. This class is here for you anytime—after a challenging conversation, when your to-do list feels impossible, or when you haven't had a chance to move all day. Trilby guides you through gentle stretches to clean out tightness in your hips, create space in y...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Reset with Amanda | Restorative Movement Class (2 Mins)

    Hit the reset button and join Amanda for two minutes of restorative moves. Begin by rolling out your upper body, take a playful downward dog stretch, and finish with grounding core connection breathing. These simple moves are built to fit into your schedule and leave you feeling restored, refresh...

  • Learn a New Dance Step | Pas De Bourrée (2 Mins)

    Hannah from Formation Studio teaches you the Pas De Bourrée, a classic stance step found in many styles from ballet to hip hop. Practice along as she breaks this step down, and encourages you to have fun, and try something new!

  • Breath Body Link with Kate | Air (2 Mins)

    Follow Kate Potter through this short breathing practice to connect your mind and body. Feel a sense of lightness and expansion as you move with breath.

  • Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda (2 Mins)

    Savasana is a conscious resting pose to help you release stress and tension in your body and mind. Make sure to support your body before starting so that you can fully let go during the pose. Savasana is all about finding the balance between movement and stillness.

  • Mornings with Farinaz | Short & Dynamic Full Body Wake Up Class (2 Mins)

    Wake up your inner warrior with Farinaz Lari in this short practice incorporating dynamic stretches and shadow boxing, leaving you ready to take on your day. Even two minutes of movement can leave you feeling powerful and grounded.

  • NEW | Learn How to Squat Safely with Amanda | Essential Prenatal Moves (2 Mins)

    In this class, Amanda teaches the squat, a fundamental movement for pregnancy, delivery, recovery, and in parenthood. This movement is important to relearn and adapt to a prenatal practice, especially in preparing for labour.

    Suggested but not necessary equipment: Two yoga blocks.

  • Learn T-Spine Twist to Sunshine Squat with Keighty (2 Mins)

    This movement combo will warm up your full body and work your mobility in both the hips and spine. To start your T-Spine Twist, stand at top of your mat and begin to soften your knees into a forward fold, exhaling into it. Focus on hinging at your hips and engaging your back to keep from rounding...

  • Learn a New Dance Step | The Biz Markie (2 Mins)

    Hannah from Formation Studio teaches you The Biz Markie, a classic hip hop move that is all about letting go and enjoying the music. This tutorial is meant to be repeated, so take it one step at a time; dance is all about expressing who you are and releasing emotions.

  • Learn a New Dance Step | The Gucci (2 Mins)

    Hannah from Formation Studio teaches you The Gucci, a hip hop move you can incorporate into your next kitchen dance party. Remember, it's not about getting this dance step in one try or looking a certain way, it's about having fun and challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone. To sta...

  • Learn Superman Punch with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    Get ready to throw a bold Superman Punch by settling into your kickboxing stance. From here, you’ll start by preparing your body for a Front Kick - this fake is key to distract your opponent and hide the upcoming strike. As you pull your rear leg back in a forceful kick, skip up and forward on yo...

  • Learn Monster Walk with Adrian (2 Mins)

    Start standing with your looped band around your ankles and feet hip width apart. Point your toes straight forward in a parallel line. Maintaining a neutral spine, sit back slightly to sink into the crease of your hips. Feel the outside of your glutes activated in this stance with your weight cen...

  • Learn Skipping with Rob (2 Mins)

    Grip your hands on the handles close to the rope for control, hopping all your weight on one foot. The opposite heel will raise as you touch the ground with your toes. Then, repeat the same motion, shifting your weight to the opposite foot. Hop from side to side and find a rhythm. Begin using you...

  • Learn Lunge & Knee with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    The Lunge and Knee will build strength in your legs and increase your ability to strike high and hard. From standing, step one leg back into a low lunge. Keep your lead knee stacked above your ankle, and your hands in guard position. Return to standing, then raise up on the ball of the same lead ...

  • Breath Body Link with Kate | Earth (2 Mins)

    A breathing practice to connect you to the earth.

  • Breath Body Link with Kate | Fire (2 Mins)

    A breathing practice to connect you to your internal fire.

  • Learn Pistol Squat with Slava | Level 1 (2 Mins)

    Pistol Squat is truly a full lower body workout. This one movement tests your ankle mobility, quadriceps and glute strength, as well as balance and coordination. You can easily practice all variations of this movement, anytime and anywhere. Some of our favourite times to whip out Pistol Squats in...

  • Breath Body Link with Kate | Water (2 Mins)

    A breathing practice to connect you to water.

  • Breath Body Link with Kate | Space (2 Mins)

    A breathing practice to connect you to the space around you.