Yoga Foundations with Kate Potter

Yoga Foundations with Kate Potter

Kate breaks down the barriers to foundational yoga poses, giving you the confidence to do the full 25-Minute Practice or attend a studio yoga class. These videos are a great entry point to Yoga Foundations, a program designed for people who want to access the benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility that come from yoga but don’t know where to start. Suggested equipment: bolster, blocks, strap, blanket.

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Yoga Foundations with Kate Potter
  • Sit Foundations Class with Kate (4 Mins)

    Knowing how to sit properly is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. This is a very important pose that you can (and should) practice anywhere. It’s a hip opener that’s great for the spine and has a long list of benefits. Good posture will help with lower back pain, prevent headaches, increa...

  • Ragdoll with Kate Potter (3 Mins)

    Ragdoll is a transitional pose that brings you from standing upright to touching the floor with your hands, and back to standing again. The purpose of this pose is to move with your breath as you increase your spinal mobility and core strength. Practicing Ragdoll will help to release tension and ...

  • Forward Fold with Kate Potter (3 Mins)

    Forward Fold is a hamstring stretch that teaches you to hinge from the hips. In this pose, use your knees and feet to support your back, and elongate the spine while breathing slowly. Forward Fold will feel difficult at first but hamstring flexibility improves quickly, especially if you practice ...

  • Learn Cat-Cow with Kate (5 Mins)

    Cat-Cow is a great pose for the spine and circulation. This pose engages your arms, shoulders, core, and pelvis, and will ultimately help you stand taller and move stronger in your life.

  • Lunge and Transitions with Kate (4 Mins)

    Lunge pose is a foundational pose for many different types of movement practices, including yoga. Lunges strengthen the core, the legs, and increase stability in the hips.

  • PROGRAM GUIDE | Yoga Foundations

    4.31 MB

    The Yoga Foundations program guide is designed to give you a visual reference of each pose, along with the variations of each, through high-quality photographs and descriptions, and also includes a customized 14-day training plan to get you started. It’s perfect if you are on the go and want some...