Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days

Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days

7 Seasons

Learn the foundations of kickboxing with Farinaz Lari and build confidence in your practice. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days
  • Uppercut

    Episode 1

    The Uppercut is also known as a body shot. In kickboxing, this technique is one of the most effective moves to challenge your opponent and take their breath away. Find your stance, focus on form, and let’s go!

  • Middle Kick

    Episode 2

    A Middle Kick is delivered swiftly and powerfully to your opponent’s ribs. For a Rear Middle Kick, go up on the ball of your lead foot and transfer your body weight forward. Turn your lead foot out to a 45 degree angle to allow for a big rotation. Throw out your rear leg in a firm kick towards yo...

  • On the Offense with Farinaz Lari

    Episode 3

    Get warm, find your fighting stance, and settle into this workout as world-champion Farinaz Lari guides you through fundamental kickboxing strikes. Learn Uppercuts and Middle Kicks and put some time in practicing the Straight Punch, Knee Strikes, and Front Kicks. Finish up with strong kickboxing ...