Develop Your Movement Mindset

Develop Your Movement Mindset

How you think about movement is just as important as how you move, and also impacts your quality of life. Our teachers sit down to share their personal techniques to staying motivated, embracing modifications, challenging yourself, building mental strength, and, most importantly, enjoying movement. These mental habits will not only help you move better but live better.

Develop Your Movement Mindset
  • Move Better with Adrian | A Message For You (1 Min)

    Adrian shares why his classes are a toolkit to help you build strength and enjoy your life, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. His focus on simple and effective movements that increase joint health and balance will develop your confidence and help you move better. Start today and fe...

  • Playbook with Karen | Episode 1 (8 Mins)

    Playbook profiles people of different backgrounds on the strategies they use to move through life. This season includes working mom, Karen Richardson; adaptive wheelchair athlete, Leo Sammarelli; and producer and business owner, Gabriela Schonbach. In a series of intimate discussions, they reveal...

  • Learn How to Discover Yourself Through Dance with Saschie (3 Mins)

    Saschie MacLean-Magbanua, Founder & Owner of Formation Studio, started dancing during a time of loss and grief in her life. Dance allowed her to experience a sense of joy and freedom again. In this workshop, she discusses how the power of connecting to your body, challenging your limitations, and...

  • Learn the Athletic Mindset of Goal Setting with Dom (2 mins)

    Professional athlete Dom Termansen encourages you to tap into your inner athlete, learn the power behind setting goals to keep you motivated, and move beyond what you think you can do, mentally and physically.

  • Learn the Mindset of Discipline with Champion Kickboxer Farinaz (2 Mins)

    World Champion Kickboxer, Farinaz Lari encourages you to tap into your inner champion, build discipline, and increase your confidence.

  • How to Become Your Own Personal Trainer | Build Effective & Safe Workouts

    Keighty empowers you to become your own personal trainer, breaks down the terminology (what is a Tabata), and how to build out your own workouts like a pro. The goal is to build your confidence and understand what you need to accomplish your strength goals.

  • Learn the Mindset of a Boxer to Move Through Challenges in Your Life

    Team Canada boxer Rob Couzens examines the mindset that has helped him become a champion to help you develop your mental toughness both in your practice and in your everyday life.

  • Learn How to Safely Move Through Chronic Pain and Injury

    In this episode, join the discussion to gain insight on how you move in your body, how you move with pain, and how to move to keep your tissue healthy. Adrian goes through the types of pain and how it is experienced in the body as a protective mechanism, and as well as how to manage your approach...