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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

Up Next in LEARN | Athletic Movement with Dom Termansen

  • Single Leg Hip Bridge

    For the Single Leg Hip Bridge, start in the same position on your back but this time straighten and raise your right leg while moving through the hip bridge motion. Complete as many reps as you feel you can before switching to the left leg. You can continue to repeat on each side, paying special ...

  • Hamstring Walkout

    Start in the Hip Bridge position and begin by walking your legs all the way out to full extension and back again. It’s important not to go further than your body is comfortable with. You want to make sure that you can walk back in while keeping your stability.

  • Static Lunge

    The Static Lunge is simply lunging in place. Start with right foot two feet in front of the left. From here, drop slowly into your Lunge. When you’re in the Static Lunge position, both legs will be 90 degree angles. Move through this motion carefully, making sure that your upper body is straight ...