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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Wellness Studio

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Wellness Studio

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Breath Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Optimize your Breathing (6 Mins)

5-Minute Classes • 5m 59s

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  • Mornings with Kate | Energizing Weigh...

    Join Kate Potter in a refreshing 5-minute morning practice to wake up your body and your mind. You’ll practice various floor movements such as Child’s Pose, Plank, Sphinx, Supine Twist, and Downward Dog while using a single weight to engage your muscles and ground each pose of this intentional f...

  • Athletic Movement 5-Minute Practice

    This is an interval-style workout that combines footwork drills, full-body core activation, and a plank finisher. Two sets will get the heart rate going and all muscles firing. Use the 5-Minute Practice for an extended warm up or a quick burner when you’re short on time.

  • Warm Up with Dom | Athletic Strength ...

    Incorporating a Warm Up prepares your body for a state of work and reduces the likelihood of injury. The Athletic Movement Warm Up includes the following categories of training from the Learn component of the Athletic Movement program: High Knees, Scapular Push Ups, Clam Shells, a Dynamic Hamstri...