Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days

Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days

7 Seasons

Learn the foundations of kickboxing with Farinaz Lari and build confidence in your practice. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Kickboxing Foundations in 7 Days
  • Learn Knee Strike with Farinaz (3 Mins)

    Episode 1

    For your rear knee strike begin in your stance position. Go up on the ball of the foot on your front leg and bring your back knee up and out to strike your opponent. Use the weight of your hips to thrust forward, transferring power to your knee. Aim for the chin with the top of your knee. For a b...

  • Learn Roundhouse Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    Episode 2

    Starting from your stance, start with your Rear Roundhouse Kick. This form is similar to a Read Middle kick: go up on the ball of your lead foot, turning your lead leg outwards, then throw out your rear leg aiming for the head. Keep your weight shifted forward and use the full rotation of your hi...

  • The Advantage | Intermediate Kickboxing Class with Farinaz (22 mins)

    Episode 3

    The Advantage is all about adding new dynamic kicks into your repertoire. After a focused Warm Up, practice your Straight Punches and Uppercuts before finessing your Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, and exploring the Roundhouse Kick. This Kickboxing Foundations practice will challenge and improve your ...