• Try a Class Before You Subscribe

    14 items

    Wherever you’re starting today, we’ve got just the class for you! Build strength and energy through accessible weight training, dance, or HIIT. Find greater mobility with yoga or a quick restorative stretch practice. Or, challenge yourself with a beginner-friendly combat workshop. If you have any...

  • Breathwork and Meditation

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    This collection will bring you back to the essentials: repatterning the way you breathe and realigning your focus through meditation. A deep, full breath can calm your mind, reset and settle your body, and improve the quality of each movement from there. In turn, slowing your thoughts to tune in ...

  • Namaste Yoga

    5 seasons

    Kate Potter unites traditional yoga movements with her flowing, choreographic approach in Series 1 and 2. Originally created for television, thousands of people all over the world continue to revisit these 26 classes to build strength and grace on and off the mat.

    Erica Blitz leads you through a...

  • 10-Minute Classes

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    A playlist of classes that you can do in 10 minutes. Movements can be done with or without suggested equipment.

  • Fitness For Your 50's and Beyond

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    Not sure where to start? Don't worry — we've created a collection to help you build a new fitness routine at any stage of life. Build confidence, strength, stability, and mobility with these all-levels, modifiable moves. You'll find a variety of disciplines, from strength to kickboxing to mobilit...

  • Featured Movement Member

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    Meet our featured Movement community member! We think you'll be inspired by Karen's purposeful and fun approach to movement in every season, navigating injury and aging in fitness, and enjoying the activities she loves doing.

  • Mobility Essentials

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    Whether your goal is to optimize your fitness routine, return to movement in retirement, complement a strength or combat practice, stay flexible at your desk job, or move better with family and friends, this mobility collection will support your body along the way. Build lasting strength and stab...