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    Wherever you’re starting today, we’ve got just the class for you! Build strength and energy through accessible weight training, dance, or HIIT. Find greater mobility with yoga or a quick restorative stretch practice. Or, challenge yourself with a beginner-friendly combat workshop. Find your new f...

  • Fitness For Your 50's and Beyond

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    Not sure where to start? Don't worry — we've created a collection to help you build a new fitness routine at any stage of life. Build confidence, strength, stability, and mobility with these all-levels, modifiable moves. You'll find a variety of disciplines, from strength to kickboxing to mobilit...

  • NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Livona (1 Min)

    Meet your dance teacher, Livona Ellis. Livona has been dancing since was 6 years old and has danced with the world-renowned ballet company Ballet BC since 2010. She was a guest artist with Konzert Theater Bern in Switzerland, is currently on faculty at Arts Umbrella, and is also one of the Progra...

  • Mobility Essentials

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    Whether your goal is to optimize your fitness routine, return to movement in retirement, complement a strength or combat practice, stay flexible at your desk job, or move better with family and friends, this mobility collection will support your body along the way. Build lasting strength and stab...

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    Explore all of our classes in one place. Use the dropdown menu to find classes in HIIT, strength training, combat, yoga, and more. Time: 30 minutes

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    A collection of athlete documentaries that explore the power of movement. Stream Tokyo Olympiad, Truth North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball, the original production The Adaptive Athlete, and more.

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    A playlist of classes that you can do in 10 minutes. Movements can be done with or without suggested equipment.

  • Featured Movement Member

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    Meet our featured Movement community member! We think you'll be inspired by Karen's purposeful and fun approach to movement in every season, navigating injury and aging in fitness, and enjoying the activities she loves doing.

  • NEW | Neck & Shoulders Release with Lydia | Restorative Movement Class (22 Mins)

    Find release for neck and shoulder tension with this restorative class. Lydia will guide you through a gentle neck stretch and self massage before moving into variations of eagle arms and child pose to find ease in your shoulders. You will finish with a full-body stretch that lets gravity release...

  • On Movement with Amanda June Giannakos | Interview Series (6 Mins)

    Amanda June Giannakos, Managing and Creative Director at NM reflects on her life’s mission of encouraging people to move. She explores how her early years, experiences as a teenage athlete, and her pregnancy have influenced and shaped her own perspective on movement, and how she truly believes ...

  • NEW | Movement for Better Sleep

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    Sleep is important for your mental wellbeing, energy and stamina, and physical health and restoration. This collection of fitness classes will prepare your body and mind for sleep and help you develop healthy nighttime habits. Loosen up your body and relieve tension from the day with Mellow Moves...