Weekly Moves

Weekly Moves

As a Movement by NM member, you get a weekly schedule of fitness classes and activities to help you live in movement––sent to your inbox every Monday morning. Weekly Moves are designed to introduce you to different styles of movement and help you redefine what fitness looks like with activities outside of a typical “workout” and a creativity bonus each week.

Weekly Moves
  • Mornings with Farinaz | Short & Dynamic Full Body Wake Up Class (2 Mins)

    Wake up your inner warrior with Farinaz Lari in this short practice incorporating dynamic stretches and shadow boxing, leaving you ready to take on your day. Even two minutes of movement can leave you feeling powerful and grounded.

  • Mornings with Kate | Energizing Weighted Yoga Class (5 Mins)

    Join Kate Potter in a refreshing 5-minute morning practice to wake up your body and your mind. You’ll practice various floor movements such as Child’s Pose, Plank, Sphinx, Supine Twist, and Downward Dog while using a single weight to engage your muscles and ground each pose of this intentional f...

  • NEW | Morning Stretch with Amanda | Gentle Functional Stretch Class (6 Mins)

    Amanda guides you through a full body morning activation routine made up of moves she does every morning to gently wake up her body and prepare for the day ahead. This is a short and sweet class you can build into your own routine, especially on those mornings you are short on time.

    Start with f...

  • Mornings with Keighty | Energizing Mobility & Stability Class (6 Mins)

    Gently wake up your body with Keighty, set an intention for how you want to feel today, and move through a series of mobility, rotation, and stability moves incorporating Cat/Cow, Hamstring Arm Swings, Back Lunge Rotation to Knee Raises, Rotational Energy Squats, and Plank Marches.

  • Yoga for Mornings with Kate | Gentle Yoga Class (11 Mins)

    Kate initially designed this class to restore you after a long day's travel but it has become a morning favourite of ours to practice. This short, sweet, and gentle class will restore and refresh you. You will begin with an energizing breathing exercise, before moving into a full body yoga seque...

  • Mornings with Dom | Neck Mobility & Athletic Core Class (12 Mins)

    Dom starts this practice by guiding you through a series of neck mobility exercises designed to increase your range of motion, strength, posture, and alleviate tension. Next is a series of athletic core moves, Kneeling Hip Striders, Stationary High Knees, Eccentric Crunch Twists, Single Arm Front...

  • Perfect Daily Stretch | Flexibility Dance Class (15 Mins)

    Hannah Mae from Formation Studio guides you through an active full-body stretch routine designed to reconnect you with your body, increase your range of flexibility, and find a sense of fluidity in your movements.

    Link to Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4axgoKZXUADeXRqWn672k...

  • NEW | The Challenge with Adrian | Functional HIIT Class (24 Mins)

    Join Adrian for a fun and exciting workout designed to challenge your fitness levels and increase your confidence. You will start with a functional warm up to prepare your body, moving through the march and hold, rotational lunge and reach, squat and reach, and a footwork drill.

    Your HIIT sequen...

  • NEW | Gentle Morning Stretch with Lydia | Grounding Yoga Class (35 Mins)

    Join Lydia on the mat for a grounding floor class that gently opens up your body. This practice builds on the yawns and stretches your body is called to do naturally as you awaken. You will stay low to the ground and move through spinal waves, twists, and a side-lying hip sequence. Focus on contr...

  • Learn the Athletic Mindset of Goal Setting with Dom (2 mins)

    Professional athlete Dom Termansen encourages you to tap into your inner athlete, learn the power behind setting goals to keep you motivated, and move beyond what you think you can do, mentally and physically.