Try a Class Before You Subscribe

Try a Class Before You Subscribe

Work up a sweat to Season Opener or move gently to one of our yoga classes. If you have any questions about the channel or subscription, reach out to us at [email protected].

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Try a Class Before You Subscribe
  • NEW | Your Turn | Take Your First HIIT Class with Karen (35 Mins)

    Your Turn is a new series featuring community members taking a turn at a new form of movement. These classes are a follow-along format and are designed to be beginner friendly. If you've ever wanted to try HIIT, kickboxing, or dance but are unsure where to start or if this type of movement is for...

  • Middays with Keighty | Fun Agility & Stability Drill Class (5 Mins)

    Join Keighty for a 5 minute afternoon wake up call focusing on agility, cardio, and mobility. Get silly and shake things out, work on an association drill that will challenge your brain, and finish with a stability drill with your eyes closed. It's not about being perfect but it is about having fun.

  • Loaded Movement Practice with Adrian | Strength Foundations Class (13 Mins)

    Discover how your body is designed to move with powerful intervals of Agility and full body exercises, building a foundation for strength and endurance across the different planes of your body. Loaded Movement includes the following Agility, Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core work exercises from th...

  • Half Moon with Kate | Balancing Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    This class is about finding your balance. Kate will prepare you for the challenging and graceful Half Moon by working on strengthening standing poses. You will move through a fluid sequence incorporating Warrior I, Warrior II, and Lateral Angle. Let your breath guide you as you find the balance p...

  • Yoga Foundations Class with Amanda | Full Body Yoga Class (25 Mins)

    This 25-Minute Practice combines all of the poses and transitions from the Learn component into a full body strengthening practice. Focus on moving with the breath and maintaining the correct alignment throughout the practice.

  • Season Opener with Dom | HIIT Class (22 Mins)

    The Season Opener is a high-intensity interval style workout that combines footwork, core, and compound exercises. Made up of four parts, with one minute of rest between each part, this practice will push you to your limits. Dom will change your mind about how impactful 20-minutes of moving can b...

  • Strength with Kate | Weighted Yoga Class (23 Mins)

    The Strength class with Kate begins with a simple Warm Up practice before moving into strong and balanced standing poses. In this class, you will move through traditional poses in a graceful and creative flow. Feel grounded in your standing position, warming up and opening up your full body, then...

  • Learn Downward Dog to Side Plank with Keighty (1 Min)

    Find yourself in your tall plank position and open up the stance of your feet, slightly wider than hip width apart. Press into downward dog, pulling your hips high into the air, and reach your right hand back to touch your left toe or shin. Feel the stretch in your hamstrings and return to your t...

  • Learn Front Kick with Farinaz (2 Mins)

    To throw out a Lead Front Kick, come up onto the ball of your rear leg in your kickboxing stance. Bring your lead leg knee up into your chest before pumping your lead leg straight out in front of you. Keep your toes straight up, striking out with the ball of your foot rather than your toes. Use y...

  • Learn Bird Dog with Adrian (2 Mins)

    Come to all fours, with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees slightly behind your hips. Grounded here, round your spine downwards, and then towards the ceiling. Find your neutral spine between these positions before moving forward; your back should remain perfectly straight througho...

  • Learn Jab and Cross with Rob (4 Mins)

    The Jab and Cross are the foundational straight punches used to find your range, create space, and distract your opponent to set up a powerful combination.