Learn Strength Foundations in 7 Days (with Keighty)

Learn Strength Foundations in 7 Days (with Keighty)

7 Seasons

Have fun and feel energized learning these strength-based movements with Keighty Gallagher. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Strength Foundations in 7 Days (with Keighty)
  • Loaded Row

    Episode 1

    The Loaded Row combines a dynamic pull motion with an isolated lunge to get your lower body working. From standing in a neutral stance, step one leg back into a controlled lunge with your knee hovering above the floor. Feel free to rest your knee on the ground at the bottom of your lunge if neede...

  • Learn Single Leg RDL with Keighty (2 Mins)

    Episode 2

    The Single Leg RDL is a key lower body move to eliminate strength imbalances, improve lower body stability, and protect your knees and hips from injury. From standing, lift one leg lightly off the ground to balance on the other. Soften your knees, and begin to hinge forward at your hips, extendin...

  • Learn Side Lunge with Keighty (2 Mins)

    Episode 3

    The Side Lunge will work to target smaller, frequently missed muscle groups to gain joint balance and stability in your lower body. From standing, extend on leg in a full step to the side, keeping your other foot planted and bending the knee directly above. Send your hips back and keep your core ...

  • Get Balanced with Keighty Gallagher | Strength Foundations Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 4

    This class with personal trainer Keighty will focus on bringing balance to your muscles and joints. After a guided mobility sequence to wake up your body, focus in and engage in a series of back exercises and lateral movements. Finish off with intention with a flexibility Cool Down to take advant...