Learn Movement Foundations in 7 Days (Level 3)

Learn Movement Foundations in 7 Days (Level 3)

7 Seasons

Level 3 teaches you more advanced variations of the movements you learned in Level 1 and 2. Be mindful of what feels comfortable for your body. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Movement Foundations in 7 Days (Level 3)
  • Functional Movement Class with Amanda | Level 3 (5 Mins)

    Episode 1

    Amanda guides you through an intentional series of full-body movements designed to help you move better in your daily life. You will fluidly move through spinal rolls, twisting, a core warm up, glute work, wrist and chest stretches, and finish with your expression of playful animal movements.

  • Learn Monkey with Slava | Level 3

    Episode 2

    Monkey is a great movement to counteract the effects of sitting, standing, and moving in a straight line (think running, cycling, walking, and even weight training). This movement demands mobility in the hips, which is the key to unlocking a deep squat position and essential in finding freedom in...

  • Learn Pistol Squat with Slava | Level 3 (2 Mins)

    Episode 3

    Pistol Squat is truly a full lower body workout. This one movement tests your ankle mobility, quadriceps and glute strength, as well as balance and coordination. You can easily practice all variations of this movement, anytime and anywhere. Some of our favourite times to whip out Pistol Squats in...

  • Learn Scorpion Walk with Slava | Level 3

    Episode 4

    This movement is a heavy hitter when it comes to mobility throughout the entire body: thoracic spine, core, hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and neck. Not only does Scorpion demand strength and flexibility from every joint in the body, it also trains your proprioception (spatial awareness), gives...

  • Movement Foundations Cool Down | Level 3

    Episode 5

    Incorporating a Cool Down practice transitions your body into a state of rest and reduces the likelihood of injury as you recover and resume your daily activities. Unwind and transition back into your day with this Level 3 Cool Down, and enjoy strength and creativity you found in your practice.