Learn Boxing Foundations in 7 Days with Rob

Learn Boxing Foundations in 7 Days with Rob

7 Seasons

Learn the foundations of the powerful sport of boxing with Rob Couzens. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Boxing Foundations in 7 Days with Rob
  • Learn Jab and Cross with Rob (4 Mins)

    Episode 1

    The Jab and Cross are the foundational straight punches used to find your range, create space, and distract your opponent to set up a powerful combination.

  • Ladder Climbers

    Episode 2

    Begin this movement from standing, feet hip width apart. Start by alternating high knees, running on the spot. Next, add in the arm motions. Bring one arm up, as if reaching up a ladder. Raise your right arm as your left knee comes up, then alternate sides. Take the time to coordinate your motion...

  • Jump Squat

    Episode 3

    Start from standing, feet hip width apart. Pull down into a squat, shifting your hips out, keeping your back straight, and opening the chest up. Add weight to your heels rather than forward on your toes. Stay balanced, then spring into a jump. Land with your feet together, then hop back to should...

  • Stick It with Rob | Beginner-friendly Boxing Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 4

    After a boxing Warm Up sequence to get your body in gear, Rob will guide you through a series of core conditioning rounds and jab combinations. Whether this is your first time throwing a punch or you’re rediscovering combat sports, challenge yourself to focus on quality and control with each dril...

  • PROGRAM GUIDE | Boxing Foundations with Rob Couzens

    13.1 MB

    The Boxing Foundations with Rob Couzens program guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modifications, and common mistakes of each exercise. The guide also includes a customized training pla...

  • Boxing-Foundations-7-Day-Training-Plan.pdf

    182 KB