Train | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

Train | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

7 Seasons

Learn the foundations of kickboxing and build confidence in your practice. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Train | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari
  • Jab and Cross

    Episode 1

    The Jab and Cross are your long range, straight arm punches used to create room between you and your opponent. The reaction of one strike fuels the action of the next: to increase your speed, spend less energy and gain efficiency using these straight shots.

  • Knee Strike

    Episode 2

    For your rear knee strike begin in your stance position. Go up on the ball of the foot on your front leg and bring your back knee up and out to strike your opponent. Use the weight of your hips to thrust forward, transferring power to your knee. Aim for the chin with the top of your knee. For a b...

  • Front Kick

    Episode 3

    To throw out a Lead Front Kick, come up onto the ball of your rear leg in your kickboxing stance. Bring your lead leg knee up into your chest before pumping your lead leg straight out in front of you. Keep your toes straight up, striking out with the ball of your foot rather than your toes. Use y...

  • A Killer Stance with Farinaz Lari

    Episode 4

    Learn the basics of kickboxing in this dynamic practice with world-champion Farinaz Lari. Find your stance and rhythm before learning the fundamental strikes: the Jab, Cross, Knee Strike, and Front Kick. Once you’re confident with these movements, explore powerful new combinations in between targ...

  • PROGRAM GUIDE | Kickoxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

    12.4 MB

    The Kickboxing Foundations program guide assists you in learning the movements and outlines what to expect from this class. The downloadable guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modificat...

  • Kickboxing-Foundations-7-Day-Training-Plan.pdf

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