Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

7 Seasons

Get in touch with your inner athlete with Dom Termansen. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days
  • Learn Forward Hop with Dom (2 Mins)

    Episode 1

    The Forward Hop is the foundation movement. Draw an invisible line in front of you and establish a low base with your feet shoulder width apart. Jump with both legs at the same time, hopping forward and backwards. Keep knees bent and land softly. Forward Hop can be done either double or single leg.

  • Learn Hamstring Walkout with Dom (2 Mins)

    Episode 2

    Start in the Hip Bridge position and begin by walking your legs all the way out to full extension and back again. It’s important not to go further than your body is comfortable with. You want to make sure that you can walk back in while keeping your stability.

  • Forward Lunge

    Episode 3

    Get into position to fall into your Forward Lunge. Pause for 3 seconds in the lunge before exploding back up for 1. This movement is all about maintaining stability and control.

  • 4th Quarter with Dom | Athletic HIIT Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 4

    This one’s all about building on foundational athletic movements! After a dynamic Warm Up, work with professional athlete Dom Termansen to activate muscle groups across your full body with high-intensity intervals, resting intentionally in between each round. These footwork, core, and compound ex...