Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

7 Seasons

Get in touch with your inner athlete with Dom Termansen. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days
  • Push Up

    Episode 1

    Start in high plank and slowly lower your chest to the ground by bending your elbows. If you find this too difficult, you can modify the movement by putting your knees on the ground. Keep your back straight, your hips lifted, and palms and fingers solid on the ground. As Dom says, don’t sacrifice...

  • Lateral Hop

    Episode 2

    Change it up for the Lateral Hop by creating an invisible line beside you, and then hop side-to-side. This movement can be done with single or double leg. Keep your head up and your toes featherlike.

  • Russian Deadlift

    Episode 3

    The Russian Deadlift (RDL) focuses on balance. Start with feet shoulder width apart. Come up into runner’s stance right knee and left arm and then slowly kick your leg behind you. Continue to bend into the leg until you feel stretch in the hamstring. Keep your arms engaged but relaxed. Move slow ...

  • Bank It with Dom | Athletic HIIT Class (22 Mins)

    Episode 4

    Go all out with this full-body strength workout. This practice combines quick, intense sets of footwork, core, and compound movements to get your heart rate up and challenge your athleticism. These intervals will not only build muscle groups across your entire body, but also contribute to your jo...