Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days with Dom

Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days with Dom

7 Seasons

Get in touch with your inner athlete with Dom Termansen. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days with Dom
  • Bear Crawl Shuffle

    Episode 1

    Come to a low squat position. From here, you will walk your hands to the ground in front of you, keeping your knees bent, chin and chest parallel to the floor. Now, crawl forwards across the ground, left leg with right arm and right arm with left leg. To do the Bear Crawl / Shuffle, move forwards...

  • Alternating Split Jump

    Episode 2

    The Alternating Split Jump takes what you just learned and adds in a switch of the legs in mid-air as you jump. Every rep you land in a new split stance. Land light on your feet and pay attention to the positioning of your feet each time. Your legs should always get to 90 degrees when landing in ...

  • Plyometric Push Up

    Episode 3

    The Plyometric Push Up builds on the foundations of the push up and adds a level of difficulty. In this variation, both hands leave the ground on every rep, keeping a continuous tempo. This movement requires you to generate power from your chest and is great for core strength. Keep your core tigh...

  • The Competition with Dom Termansen

    Episode 4

    This practice with professional athlete Dom Termansen will focus on bringing athleticism to your muscles and joints through footwork and floorwork. After a guided Warm Up to wake up your body, focus and engage in a series of intervals to engage your full body. Finish off with intention with Cool ...