Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days

7 Seasons

Get in touch with your inner athlete with Dom Termansen. Access daily classes through the dropdown menu and keep on track with the downloadable training plan PDF.

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Learn Athletic Movement in 7 Days
  • Scissor Shuffle

    Episode 1

    The Scissor Shuffle challenges you to move your alternating feet simultaneously in a scissor motion. Draw an invisible line in front of you. Start with your lead leg in front of you and trail leg behind you. Alternate legs at the same time as fast as you can. Be mindful of your position, keep kne...

  • Hip Bridge

    Episode 2

    Start on your back with your feet on the ground shoulder width apart. Use glutes, hamstrings and calves to lift your hips towards the sky. Maintain a straight line from shoulders to knees and make sure to keep heel and toes glued to the floor. This movement works your glutes and core.

  • Lateral Split Jump

    Episode 3

    Draw an invisible line and stand to the right. Carry on the exact same movement as you did in the Alternating Split Jump, this time moving from left to right of the line. Try your best to be consistent in your landings and not to drift.

  • Homecoming with Dom Termansen

    Episode 4

    After an athletic Warm Up sequence to get your body in gear, professional athlete Dom Termansen will guide you through a series of full-body intervals that focus on footwork, core, and compound movements. Challenge yourself to focus on quality and control with each round and take advantage of eac...