NEW | The Movement Essentials Challenge

NEW | The Movement Essentials Challenge

These foundational, short workshops will enhance all of the movements that make up your day, from a neighborhood walk to picking up groceries, playing with your kids, sitting at your desk or couch, or doing your favorite Movement by NM class. Take 5 minutes for 5 days to relearn these basic movement patterns, and then challenge yourself to apply them to every movement, class, and discipline. Come back to this challenge whenever you feel like a movement reset.

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NEW | The Movement Essentials Challenge
  • Breath Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Optimize your Breathing (6 Mins)

    In this foundational 6-minute Breath Workshop, Adrian teaches how to optimize your breathing mechanics to improve your performance in daily activities. Starting with the diaphragm, your primary breathing muscle, Adrian guides you through a slow and intentional exercise to deepen and expand each i...

  • Core Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Improve Your Core Stability (6 Mins)

    In this 6-minute foundational workshop, learn how to improve your core stability with Adrian. You’ll learn about the structure and function of your core and how it affects how you move in the world, then practice the Bird Dog and Dead Bug exercises from the Strength Foundations program with Adria...

  • Functional Movement Workshop with Adrian | Learn How to Hip Hinge (4 Mins)

    To practice the Hip Hinge, begin standing with your feet hip width apart and slightly turned out. Place the back of your hands behind you, resting on your lower back. Push your pelvis straight back as you unlock your knees and fold into the crease of your hips. Bend your knees softly to accommoda...

  • Learn Plank with Kate | How to Access Your Core (3 Mins)

    Plank pose is all about strength, stability, endurance and activating your core. This weight-bearing pose is critical to practice for our entire life because it keeps us strong. Plank pose will also help to improve your posture, balance, and flexibility.

  • Squat Workshop with Adrian | How to Squat Safely with Weight (3 Mins)

    Begin by standing, feet slightly turned out in comfortable stance. Ground your feet fully into the floor, then lower down into a seated position. Lead with your hips, moving backwards as you pull down. Reach your arms out in front of you, focussing on keeping a neutral spine and activated core. A...

  • Posture with Trilby | Upper Body-focused Class (8 Mins)

    Improve your posture with Trilby in this short and sweet Pilates-inspired class. Good posture will help keep your joints healthy and improve your everyday movements. This class is prenatal-friendly and is done from a kneeling position. Feel free to use a pad or towel underneath your knees for com...