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Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda (2 Mins)

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Learn & Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing with Amanda (4 Mins)

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  • Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda...

    Savasana is a conscious resting pose to help you release stress and tension in your body and mind. Make sure to support your body before starting so that you can fully let go during the pose. Savasana is all about finding the balance between movement and stillness.

  • Twist with Amanda | Yoga Foundations ...

    Twists introduce a new way of moving the spine, not just through a forward bend / backbend, but side to side. They are great for spinal health and can be very calming for the nervous system.

  • Breath Foundations with Cam | Calming...

    Breathing is one of the most important things we do. Breathing correctly is an effective technique to reduce stress and increase our ability to move through life with a calm confidence. You can also practice these exercises in your car, on the bus, or while you are at work.