Restorative Yoga with Kate Potter

Restorative Yoga with Kate Potter

Enjoy Kate's innovative approach to restorative yoga. These practices are designed to encourage a sense of deep relaxation and gentle opening. Find a sense of connection to the more subtle elements of movement as a form of therapy and release.

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Restorative Yoga with Kate Potter
  • Introduction to Yoga for Bed

    In this interview with Amanda June Giannakos, Kate takes us through why she created this five-part series, who will benefit, and how restorative yoga can be a form of therapy and comfort for everyone.

  • Yoga for Bed | Part 1

    In this 6-minute practice, Kate explores how to use your bed and pillows as props for deep release through your neck and shoulders.

  • Yoga for Bed | Part 2

    In this 10-minute practice, Kate guides you through deep shoulder release using the bed as a prop for support and opening.

  • Yoga for Bed | Part 3

    In this 10-minute series, Kate guides you through the twist, a deep release posture, using the bed as a prop to find extra opening and support.

  • Yoga for Bed | Part 4

    In this 7-minute practice, Kate guides you through using the support of the bed to safely build strength in your core.

  • Yoga for Bed | Part 5

    In this final part of Yoga For Bed, Kate takes you through an intermediate 4-minute flow that opens up your whole body, using the support of your bed to provide support and grounding.

  • Restore with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class (15 Mins)

    In this Restore practice with Kate, explore restorative poses with the addition of two weights to add depth and balance, ground your body throughout the sequence, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Gain confidence in the flow of this class and then add weight from there, practicing Kate’s un...

  • Yoga for Sleep with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class (14 Mins)

    Kate guides you through a grounding practice designed to prepare you for deep and restful sleep. You will begin with a grounding breath exercise before moving into spinal rolls, child's pose, twists, bridge, hamstring stretch, and figure four stretch. This class finishes with a soothing Savasana.

  • Yoga for Focus with Kate | Grounding Yoga Class (6 Mins)

    In this 6-minute series, Kate guides you through a practice designed to increase focus and leave you feeling calm and alert. This sequence can be used before an event, presentation, interview, exam, or any moment in your life you want to feel grounded.

  • Yoga for Mornings with Kate | Gentle Yoga Class (11 Mins)

    Kate initially designed this class to restore you after a long day's travel but it has become a morning favourite of ours to practice. This short, sweet, and gentle class will restore and refresh you. You will begin with an energizing breathing exercise, before moving into a full body yoga seque...