Our Yoga Collection will encourage you to build on classic yoga poses, encouraging you to focus on the basics and gain confidence in each flow. Move between various styles of yoga, starting with the foundations and expanding your practice with Kate Potter's choreographed and graceful flows and Erica Blitz's powerful sequences from Namaste Yoga. Start from wherever you are with this diverse yoga collection.

Suggested equipment: bolster, blocks, strap, blanket.
Time: < 30 minutes.

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  • Seated Twist with Kate | Hip Opening Restorative Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Seated Twist is a rejuvenating and restorative floor sequence. You will flow through poses to open your hips and upper chest to prepare you for Seated Twist. Let your breath lead your practice and find release in restoring yourself today. This is episode 206 of Namaste Yoga.

  • Extended Leg Balancing with Kate | Balance-focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    In this class, Kate guides you through a series of strengthening and stabilizing poses to connect you to yourself and help you find balance. You will move through the dynamic and challenging transition of extended leg pose to warrior pose. This requires core strength, intentional breath, and your...

  • Swan with Kate | Hip Opening Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    This class is about moving between strength and softness. Kate incorporates variations on Swan Pose, a deep hip opener, that will leave you feeling open and grounded. This class is Episode 208 of our Namaste Yoga series.

  • Episode 209 - Third Eye

    Third Eye sequence is a study of control and steadiness.

  • Episode 210 - Heart Mind

    Heart Mind sequence will test shoulder and leg flexibility while improving core strength.

  • Episode 211 - Lord of the Fishes

    Lord of the Fishes sequence deeply stretches the spine, shoulders and hips.

  • Episode 212 - Dove

    Using balances, twists and side bends, Dove sequence will elongate the core while increasing flexibility in the back and hips.

  • Episode 213 - Dancing Shiva

    Dancing Shiva will test strength, balance and good humour.

  • Warrior Wisdom with Erica (22 Mins)

    Warrior Wisdom creates a moment of presence that is attentive, aware and complete.

  • Align Your Axis with Erica | Spinal Alignment Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    Awaken your whole body with this powerful sequence. This class will strengthen your core and open your hamstrings in preparation for challenging standing twists. Working with your full range of spinal movement will help you come back to your centre, and find alignment in your practice. This is E...

  • Episode 303 - Soften the Edges

    Soften the Edges is a sequence that encourages a sense of ease in both body and breath, while moving through a dynamic series of confident poses.

  • Release and Restore (22 Mins)

    Release and Restore is a sequence that brings you full circle through a series of poses that create space for reflection.

  • Create Your Calm with Erica | Grounding Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    Erica invites you to cultivate a sense of peace and stability with the Create Your Calm sequence. You will strengthen your core and open your hips, hamstrings, and upper body. This class features creative transitions through gate, eagle, lizard, and locust pose amongst others. Always feel free t...

  • Episode 306 - Reflect and Connect

    Reflect and Connect will engage your whole body with a series of poses that first calm and centre, and then awaken and inspire.

  • Balance and Bend with Erica | Balance-focused Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    In this class, Erica guides you through movements that require grounding and fluidity. You will feel strength in mountain, chair, side angle, and warrior pose. These will prepare you to move through the challenging transition from extended leg to warrior and the graceful eagle pose. Stand tall a...

  • Episode 308 - Bhakti Flow

    Bhakti Flow calls for an expansion of your entire being through the practice of bhakti devotion.

  • Episode 309 - Open and Ground

    A dynamic sequence for your upper body, Open and Ground will work your torso with a series of restorative and heart opening poses.

  • Episode 310 - Stabilize and Center

    Stabilize and Centre allows for the creation of a deeper connection with your core, as well as the present moment.

  • Episode 311 - Prana Flow

    This vinyasa flow allows the practitioner to notice moments of stillness and transformation with every breath.

  • Episode 312 - Grace and Atitude

    A joyous and elegant sequence, Grace and Gratitude opens the front of your body with a series of dynamic backbends.

  • Reconnect and Refine with Erica | Backbending Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    The Reconnect and Refine class with Erica is an invigorating sequence that encourages you to find connection in the present moment. This class incorporates a series of deep backbends, including Camel and Locust Pose, which will open your front body and strengthen your core. This is Episode 313 of...

  • Strengthen & Surrender with Erica | Hip & Hamstring-focused Yoga Class (22 mins)

    This moving meditation leads you through a series of postures that will strengthen the hips and hamstrings. Find balance between ease and effort while bringing a sense of curiosity to your experience of each posture. This class is Episode 401 of our Namaste Yoga series.

  • Episode 402 - Anahata Flow

    A heart-centered practice, Anahata Flow allows the body to seek the freedom of the sky while unifying with the breath.

  • Episode 403 - Recharge and Revitalize

    Allow your breath to be bigger than the movements of your body in this invigorating sequence.