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Episode 303 - Soften the Edges

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Namaste Yoga

Align Your Axis with Erica | Spinal Alignment Yoga Class (22 Mins)


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  • Episode 303 - Soften the Edges

    Soften the Edges is a sequence that encourages a sense of ease in both body and breath, while moving through a dynamic series of confident poses.

  • Release and Restore with Erica | Calm...

    Release and Restore is a sequence that brings you full circle through a series of poses that release tension in your spine and hips, creating space for reflection. You will move through spinal rolls, gentle cobra pose variations, spinal twists, and bridge pose. This class encourages you to access...

  • Create Your Calm with Erica | Groundi...

    Erica invites you to cultivate a sense of peace and stability with the Create Your Calm sequence. You will strengthen your core and open your hips, hamstrings, and upper body. This class features creative transitions through gate, eagle, lizard, and locust pose amongst others. Always feel free t...