Namaste Yoga

Namaste Yoga

5 Seasons

Kate Potter unites traditional yoga movements with her flowing, choreographic approach in Series 1 and 2. Originally created for television, thousands of people all over the world continue to revisit these 26 classes to build strength and grace on and off the mat.

Erica Blitz leads you through an immersive practice experience enhanced by stunning visuals and powerful yoga sequences in Series 3 and 4. The 26 classes place an emphasis on core alignment and balance and will leave you feeling energized and challenged no matter your level.

No equipment used.
Time: < 30 minutes.

Namaste Yoga
  • Sunbird with Kate | Core Strengthening Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Episode 1

    This class will awaken your deep core, mobilize your spine, and leave you feeling energized. Kate will prepare you to flow through Sunbird & Gate, strong dynamic poses that work on coordination, balance, and internal strength. This is Episode 201 of Namaste Yoga.

  • Episode 202 - Heart Opening

    Episode 2

    Heart Opening sequence stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body.

  • Episode 203 - Triangle

    Episode 3

    Triangle sequence puts an emphasis on lengthening the spine.

  • Episode 204 - Warrior

    Episode 4

    The Warrior sequence encourages confidence, relieves sluggishness and brings mindful awareness of balance.

  • Episode 205 - Sun Wind

    Episode 5

    Sun Wind sequence is comprised of leg extensions and chest lifts to generate heat in the body.

  • Seated Twist with Kate | Hip Opening Restorative Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Episode 6

    Seated Twist is a rejuvenating and restorative floor sequence. You will flow through poses to open your hips and upper chest to prepare you for Seated Twist. Let your breath lead your practice and find release in restoring yourself today. This is episode 206 of Namaste Yoga.

  • Extended Leg Balancing with Kate | Balance-focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Episode 7

    In this class, Kate guides you through a series of strengthening and stabilizing poses to connect you to yourself and help you find balance. You will move through the dynamic and challenging transition of extended leg pose to warrior pose. This requires core strength, intentional breath, and your...

  • Swan with Kate | Hip Opening Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Episode 8

    This class is about moving between strength and softness. Kate incorporates variations on Swan Pose, a deep hip opener, that will leave you feeling open and grounded. This class is Episode 208 of our Namaste Yoga series.

  • Episode 209 - Third Eye

    Episode 9

    Third Eye sequence is a study of control and steadiness.

  • Episode 210 - Heart Mind

    Episode 10

    Heart Mind sequence will test shoulder and leg flexibility while improving core strength.

  • Episode 211 - Lord of the Fishes

    Episode 11

    Lord of the Fishes sequence deeply stretches the spine, shoulders and hips.

  • Episode 212 - Dove

    Episode 12

    Using balances, twists and side bends, Dove sequence will elongate the core while increasing flexibility in the back and hips.

  • Episode 213 - Dancing Shiva

    Episode 13

    Dancing Shiva will test strength, balance and good humour.