PRACTICE | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

PRACTICE | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

The Practice component includes a Warm Up, five 22-minute classes, and Cool Down to introduce the Kickboxing Foundations movements into complete full-body sequence. Explore each class with Farinaz, learning how to focus and engage your muscles with intention and become bolder with new kickboxing techniques and strength exercises.

Suggested equipment: skipping rope.
Time: < 30 minutes.

PRACTICE | Kickboxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari
  • Mornings with Farinaz | Short & Dynamic Full Body Wake Up Class (2 Mins)

    Wake up your inner warrior with Farinaz Lari in this short practice incorporating dynamic stretches and shadow boxing, leaving you ready to take on your day. Even two minutes of movement can leave you feeling powerful and grounded.

  • Middays with Farinaz | Energizing Kickboxing Cardio Class (3 Mins)

    Farinaz leads you through a quick class that packs a punch. You will move through a shoulder roll release, a lunge and kick combination, and finish with a skipping conditioning drill to get your blood flowing and feeling energized.

    Suggested but not necessary equipment: Skipping rope.

  • Evenings with Farinaz | Conditioning & Core Strength Class (5 Mins)

    Farinaz takes you through a conditioning practice to finish your day with a sense of accomplishment, leading you through Sumo Squats, Plank Pikes, and Russian V Sits.

  • A Killer Stance with Farinaz Lari | Beginner Kickboxing Class (22 Mins)

    Learn the basics of kickboxing in this dynamic practice with world-champion Farinaz Lari. Find your stance and rhythm before learning the fundamental strikes: the Jab, Cross, Knee Strike, and Front Kick. Once you’re confident with these movements, explore powerful new combinations in between targ...

  • Round One with Farinaz Lari | Beginner Kickboxing Class (22 Mins)

    After a flexibility Warm Up, jump to the next session of Kickboxing Foundations with world-champion Farinaz Lari to build on your basic punches. In this practice, Farinaz starts by teaching Straight Punches and Hooks before leading into powerful Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, and Low Kicks. Gain conf...

  • On the Offense with Farinaz Lari | Energizing Kickboxing Class (22 Mins)

    Get warm, find your fighting stance, and settle into this workout as world-champion Farinaz Lari guides you through fundamental kickboxing strikes. Learn Uppercuts and Middle Kicks and put some time in practicing the Straight Punch, Knee Strikes, and Front Kicks. Finish up with strong kickboxing ...

  • The Advantage | Intermediate Kickboxing Class with Farinaz (22 mins)

    The Advantage is all about adding new dynamic kicks into your repertoire. After a focused Warm Up, practice your Straight Punches and Uppercuts before finessing your Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, and exploring the Roundhouse Kick. This Kickboxing Foundations practice will challenge and improve your ...

  • The Champion with Farinaz | Intermediate Kickboxing Class (22 Mins)

    Go all out in the final round with world-champion Farinaz Lari to put together your foundational kickboxing strikes: the Straight Punch, Uppercut, Knee Strike, and Front Kick. Last but not least, learn the Superman Punch. Embrace your inner superhero and don’t be afraid to put your full force beh...

  • Dynamic Conditioning Class for Kickboxing with Farinaz Lari (3 Mins)

    Incorporating dynamic conditioning moves prepares your body for the upcoming workout and reduces the likelihood of injury. This class will include several flexibility-based movements to activate various muscle groups, engage your joints, and begin opening up your range of motion for Practice. Giv...

  • Conditioning for Kickboxing with Farinaz | Functional Stretch Class (3 Mins)

    Incorporating a functional conditioning practice transitions your body into a state of rest and reduces the likelihood of injury as you recover and resume your daily activities. Relax your body into a slow rhythm of shadow boxing before stretching out with a few static stretches: Knee to Chest, S...

  • PROGRAM GUIDE | Kickoxing Foundations with Farinaz Lari

    12.4 MB

    The Kickboxing Foundations program guide assists you in learning the movements and outlines what to expect from this class. The downloadable guide was designed to give you a visual reference of each movement through high-quality photographs and descriptions that break down the benefits, modificat...

  • NEW | Core Essentials with Farinaz | Core Strengthening Class (4 Mins)

    Champion Kickboxer Farinaz takes you through her go-to core workout. You will move through three rounds of good mornings, rotational upper body twists, and seated leg lift. These essential moves will work your full core and leave you feeling powerful. Tap into your inner strength by integrating t...