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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

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Up Next in PRACTICE | Foundations of Weighted Yoga with Kate Potter

  • Restore

    In this Restore practice with Kate, explore restorative poses with the addition of two weights to add depth and balance, ground your body throughout the sequence, and rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Gain confidence in the flow of this class and then add weight from there, practicing Kate’s un...

  • Weighted Warm Up with Kate Potter

    Incorporating a Warm Up into your yoga practice prepares your body for the upcoming class and allows you to step onto your mat with ease and control. The Foundations of Weighted Yoga Warm Up includes well known poses such as Cat/Cow, Upward Facing Dog, Pigeon, Child’s Pose, Downward Facing Dog, a...

  • Extended Cool Down with Kate Potter

    This full body Extended Cool Down will include Bridge, Reclined Butterfly, Reclined Hamstring, Supine Twist, and an extended Savasana rest pose. Follow along with Kate as she uses a single weight to add a fresh stretch and depth to familiar restorative poses. Focus on deep breathing to loosen up ...