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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Fitness Studio

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM | Online Fitness Studio

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Release | Center Splits Stretch Class (12 Mins)

NEW | Creativity Essentials • 12m

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  • Learn Frog with Slava | Level 1 (1 Mins)

    Frog is the first of four “animal-based locomotion exercises” - which simply means we imitate how animals move. These movements will likely feel familiar to you: as children, we often flow through these types of motions naturally while we play. Frog is a great way to get comfortable moving with y...

  • Learn Skipping with Rob (2 Mins)

    Grip your hands on the handles close to the rope for control, hopping all your weight on one foot. The opposite heel will raise as you touch the ground with your toes. Then, repeat the same motion, shifting your weight to the opposite foot. Hop from side to side and find a rhythm. Begin using you...

  • Functional Core with Amanda | Foundat...

    Amanda designed this class to help you strengthen your core in your everyday movements. She will guide you through four foundational core moves, each with four levels for you to choose from. Beginning with diaphragmatic breathing to prepare your core, you will move through variations of Dead Bug,...