PRACTICE | Yoga movie

PRACTICE | Yoga movie

Our Yoga Collection will encourage you to build on classic yoga poses, encouraging you to focus on the basics and gain confidence in each flow. Move between various styles of yoga, starting with the foundations and expanding your practice with Kate Potter's choreographed and graceful flows and Erica Blitz's powerful sequences from Namaste Yoga. Start from wherever you are with this diverse yoga collection.

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PRACTICE | Yoga movie
  • Sit with Amanda | Meditation & Breath Class (8 Mins)

    This short practice will get you comfortable sitting and breathing intentionally. It’s a practice of being present. Remember — when we still the breath, we still the mind. Feel tension releasing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes as you finish this practice in Savasana, our consci...


  • Spine Practice with Amanda (10 Mins)

    Spine Practice focuses on the strength and health of our spines. In our everyday lives, we rarely articulate our spine through its full range of motion. This practice will leave you refreshed and is a great supplement to sitting for long periods of time. It is also a great practice to do if you s...

  • Hamstring Flexibility Class with Amanda (11 Mins)

    Hamstring tightness is one of the most common problems that students face when beginning a yoga practice. This restorative practice focuses on opening the hamstrings with slow and conscious movements. Bring gentle awareness to the tightness in the backs of the legs, releasing tension with each br...

  • Foundational Sun Salutations Practice (15 Mins)

    The 15-Minute Practice takes you through Sun Salutations, transitions into sitting and breathing exercises, and ends in Savasana, calling for you to focus on reaching a place of intentional relaxation and release of stress and tension in your body. After this practice, you should feel both calm a...

  • Full Body Restorative Yoga Practice (20 mins)

    This class is a healing practice important for all levels. The gentle sequence takes you from one relaxing resting pose into the next, encouraging you to give yourself permission to rest. Poses are held for a few minutes each, so it’s normal for the mind to wander.

  • Full Body Yoga Practice with Amanda (25 Mins)

    This 25-Minute Practice combines all of the poses and transitions from the Learn component into a full body strengthening practice. Focus on moving with the breath and maintaining the correct alignment throughout the practice.

  • Exalted Warrior with Kate (24 Mins)

    Exalted Warrior sequence is a standing series focused on moving through various warrior and triangle poses.

  • Episode 102 - Sun Moon

    Sun Moon sequence blends strengthening postures with balancing poses to create equilibrium throughout the body and mind.

  • Episode 103 - Firebird

    Firebird puts an emphasis is on increasing flexibility in the spine and hips.

  • Episode 104 - Gate Opening

    Gate opening sequence creates a graceful flow using both strength and balance.

  • Episode 105 - Dancing Sun

    Dancing Sun stimulates energy flow throughout the entire body and is a beautiful presentation of some of the classic standing poses.

  • Half Moon with Kate Potter (24 Mins)

    Half Moon is a challenging sequence with a combination of warrior poses and half moon balancing.

  • Episode 107 - Earth

    Earth sequence begins kneeling and continues with floor poses that are both gentle and invigorating.

  • Episode 108 - Lotus Link

    Lotus Link combines standing and seated postures incorporating balance and core strength.

  • Episode 109 - Water Light

    Water Light is a smooth, flowing practice that will open your hips, increase flexibility in the spine, shoulders, and the hamstrings.

  • Revolved Triangle with Kate | Strong Standing Poses Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    This challenging sequence requires concentration, physical strength, and balance. With centered breath and focus, you will move through a series of Warrior Poses to prepare you for Revolved Triangle. Make this challenging spinal standing twist yours. You can modify by bending your knees, taking y...

  • Episode 111 - Head to Knee

    Head to Knee sequence is the perfect yoga practice for distance runners.

  • Crane with Kate | Arm Balancing-focused Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    This class leads to the powerful Crane Pose, a challenging and empowering arm balancing pose. Kate's direction is to have fun with this class, the practice is not about being perfect but playing with the edges of what is possible for you today. This class is Episode 112 of our Namaste Yoga series.

  • Episode 113 - Riding the Wind

    Riding the Wind is exhilarating, grounding, and strengthening the legs and abdominal muscles.

  • Episode 201 - Sunbird

    Sunbird sequence wakes up the spine and energizes the arms and legs.

  • Episode 202 - Heart Opening

    Heart Opening sequence stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body.

  • Episode 203 - Triangle

    Triangle sequence puts an emphasis on lengthening the spine.

  • Episode 204 - Warrior

    The Warrior sequence encourages confidence, relieves sluggishness and brings mindful awareness of balance.

  • Episode 205 - Sun Wind

    Sun Wind sequence is comprised of leg extensions and chest lifts to generate heat in the body.

  • Episode 206 - Seated Twist

    Seated Twist is a rejuvenating and restorative floor sequence.