Movement for Better Sleep

Movement for Better Sleep

Sleep is important for your mental wellbeing, energy and stamina, and physical health and restoration. This collection of fitness classes will prepare your body and mind for sleep and help you develop healthy nighttime habits. Loosen up your body and relieve tension from the day with Mellow Moves with Lydia. Or release energy and get your heart rate up before bed with Evenings with Dom – tune into what your body needs today! With routine exercise, you can improve your quality of sleep, feel more refreshed in the morning, and increase your energy and confidence in your days.

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Movement for Better Sleep
  • Bedtime Tuck with Amanda | Restorative Stretch Class (14 Mins)

    This class will prepare you for a good night's sleep. You can even do it from bed – all you need is a pillow and comfy clothing. Follow Amanda through a series of restorative hip openers, forward folds, and twists, all using your pillow as a restorative prop. Gentle movements, long holds, and cal...

  • Yoga for Sleep with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class (14 Mins)

    Kate guides you through a grounding practice designed to prepare you for deep and restful sleep. You will begin with a grounding breath exercise before moving into spinal rolls, child's pose, twists, bridge, hamstring stretch, and figure four stretch. This class finishes with a soothing Savasana.

  • NEW | Fully Restore with Lydia | Restorative Yoga Class (15 Mins)

    Join Lydia for a short and deeply restorative yoga practice. In just 15 minutes, you will feel the benefits of letting your body fully relax into these healing poses.

    Begin with a gentle chest opener, move into a supported twist, and then a satisfying figure-four hip opener. Lydia will lead you ...

  • Soothe with Trilby | Restorative Breath Class (10 Mins)

    Trilby designed this class for you to soften, rejuvenate, and relax. You can take this class seated, lying down on your yoga mat, or even from bed in your favourite pajamas. Trilby will guide you through a calming breathing sequence, counting the breaths for you. All you have to do is listen and ...

  • Learn Supported Rest Pose with Amanda (2 Mins)

    Savasana is a conscious resting pose to help you release stress and tension in your body and mind. Make sure to support your body before starting so that you can fully let go during the pose. Savasana is all about finding the balance between movement and stillness.

  • Mellow Moves with Lydia | Self-Massage Yoga Class (30 Mins)

    Join Lydia in a gentle yoga class designed to help when you’re feeling sore or tired. This 30-minute practice focuses on your low back, hips, neck, pecs and lats to release tension in your upper body.

    Practice anytime during the day, or add it to your pre-bedtime routine to finish your day rest...

  • Evenings with Leo | Restorative Adaptive Stretch Class (9 Mins)

    Leo designed this adaptive stretch class to restore and refresh you especially if you have been sitting all day. Move through a series of groin, hip, and shoulder stretches and restorative spinal mobility poses. Leo uses his wheelchair and a foam pad as props during the class, but the exercises c...

  • NEW | Evening Reset with Amanda | Core Connection Class (6 Mins)

    Amanda designed this class as a support for you to reset and restore yourself. This class is done on your back so you can fully release. You will begin with core connection breathing and pelvic floor exercises. These will reconnect you to your body, calm your nervous system, and create strength a...

  • Evenings with Kate | Restorative Weighted Yoga Class (6 Mins)

    Move with Kate through this 5-minute evening practice to soften and restore your muscles and your mind at the end of your day. This floor practice will use one weight to deepen each pose, allowing you to feel calm and grounded. Breath intentionally through each movement, starting from your back a...

  • Evenings with Adrian | Restorative Foam Rolling Class (8 Mins)

    Wind down at the end of your day with this rejuvenating 8-minute movement practice with Adrian. This practice focuses on loosening and restoring your connective tissue and large muscle groups with trigger point exercises using a foam roller. Work through each movement from the lower body moving u...

  • Evenings with Keighty | Full Body Strength Conditioning Class (6 Mins)

    Keighty leads you through a simple athletic strength and conditioning class. You will start with 10 reps of each move and work down to 2 reps of each move, this is a decreasing repetition drill. You will be working through three moves, Squat Kicks, Downward Dog Toe Touch, and V Sit Ups. This clas...

  • NEW | Slow Flow with Lydia | Full Body Yoga Class (33 Mins)

    Join Lydia in a 33-minute yoga session that’s gentle and slow –– a great addition to your daily routine. Get into a smooth flow as you move through a full-body sequence to help you unwind and relax. Practice these movements before bed to nurture your body, deepen your awareness, and gather your a...

  • Twist with Amanda | Yoga Foundations Class (4 Mins)

    Twists introduce a new way of moving the spine, not just through a forward bend / backbend, but side to side. They are great for spinal health and can be very calming for the nervous system.

  • Evenings with Dom | Athletic Mobility & Core Class (11 Mins)

    A relaxing mobility and core-focused class to wind down your evening, Dom leads you through Warrior Pose, Standing Knee Raise, Squat and Reach, Side Plank Dips, the Patrick Step, Calf Raises, Ankle Stretches, Dead Bugs, and finishing with a restorative rest pose. Make sure you are near a wall for...

  • Yoga for Bed with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class | Episode 1 (7 Mins)

    Kate explores how to use your bed and pillows as props for deep release through your neck and shoulders. Let tension melt away from these areas and find a sense of relaxation and restoration in your body. This is a great class to start your morning with or unwind at the end of the day. All you ne...

  • Yoga for Bed with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class | Episode 2 (10 Mins)

    In this 10-minute practice, Kate guides you through deep shoulder release using the bed as a prop for support and opening. This is Part 2 of a 5-part series but each episode is stand-alone.

    Necessary equipment: a bed.

  • Yoga for Bed with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class | Episode 3 (10 Mins)

    In this 10-minute series, Kate guides you through the twist, a deep release posture, using the bed as a prop to find extra opening and support. This is Part 3 of a 5-part series but each episode is stand-alone.

    Necessary equipment: a bed.

  • Yoga for Bed with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class | Episode 4 (8 Mins)

    In this practice, Kate guides you through using the support of the bed to safely build strength in your core. This is Part 4 of a 5-part series but each episode is stand-alone.

    Necessary equipment: a bed.

  • Yoga for Bed with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class | Part 5

    In this final part of Yoga For Bed, Kate takes you through an intermediate 4-minute flow that opens up your whole body, using the support of your bed to provide support and grounding. This is Part 5 of a 5-part series but each episode is stand-alone.

    Necessary equipment: a bed.

  • Evenings with Rob | Boxing Conditioning & Mobility Class (6 Mins)

    Rob guides you through a short training session to work on your conditioning and mobility. Beginning with a move you might expect from boxing training, skipping (don't worry if you don't have a rope), before moving on to some moves you might not associate with a boxer; Bird Dog, Prone Extensions,...

  • Weighted Cool Down with Kate | Restorative Yoga Class (5 Mins)

    Incorporating a Cool Down practice transitions your body into a state of rest following your movement practice. In this sequence, Kate guides you through restorative poses such as a Bridge, Reclined Butterfly, Reclined Hamstring, Supine Twist, and Savasana. Position your weights intentionally in ...

  • Evenings with Farinaz | Conditioning & Core Strength Class (5 Mins)

    Farinaz takes you through a conditioning practice to finish your day with a sense of accomplishment, leading you through Sumo Squats, Plank Pikes, and Russian V Sits.

  • NEW | Reset & Replenish with Trilby | Gentle Movement Class (15 Mins)

    Take a break in your day to reset and replenish with Trilby. This class is about tending to your joints and finding pleasure in your body. Playful variations on child's pose, cat-cow, and windshield wipers will flush out any stagnation or lingering stress. Trilby will take you through stretches t...

  • NEW | A Breath of Fresh Air with Rob | Guided Breath Class (8 Mins)

    Take a breath of fresh air with Rob today as he guides you through a series of breathing exercises to calm your nervous system and connect you to your body. As a boxer, Rob uses these techniques to regulate and centre himself in challenging situations, both in the ring and in his everyday life. T...