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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

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Up Next in LEARN | Strength Foundations with Keighty Gallagher

  • Side Lunge

    The Side Lunge will work to target smaller, frequently missed muscle groups to gain joint balance and stability in your lower body. From standing, extend on leg in a full step to the side, keeping your other foot planted and bending the knee directly above. Send your hips back and keep your core ...

  • Introduction to Upper Body Movement

    Healthy upper body performance is essential for all powerful movements and functional everyday activities. This foundational category is all about building stronger and safer joints by practicing one push and one pull movement. Whether you are moving furniture in your home, shooting a basketball,...

  • Banded Push Up

    Learning the Banded Push Up will help you gain confidence and improve your range of motion in a regular push up. After placing your band just above your elbows, make your way into a tall plank position, hands grounded below your shoulders. Your full back body should be engaged in a straight line ...