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Half Kneeling Hip Stretch

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  • Half Kneeling Hip Stretch

    From standing, kneel down onto one knee, with your opposite knee at a 90° angle in front. The top of your rear foot should be rested on the floor with stability. Tuck in your pelvis to feel a lengthening stretch in the front of your hip, extending up through your torso. The majority of your weigh...

  • Hip Hinge

    To practice the Hip Hinge, begin standing with your feet hip width apart and slightly turned out. Place the back of your hands behind you, resting on your lower back. Push your pelvis straight back as you unlock your knees and fold into the crease of your hips. Bend your knees softly to accommoda...

  • Crawling

    Find your position on all fours with a neutral spine, knees slightly in front of your hips and hands directly below your shoulders. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, then open them up, returning to a neutral position in between. Turn the insides of your elbows forward to create stability, an...