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Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

Watch this video and more on Movement by NM

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  • 3D Stretch

    Start from standing with a neutral spine, stepping one foot straight back to stagger your stance. Come onto the ball of your rear foot and reach slightly ahead and toward the ceiling with the same arm. Keep your opposite arm extended, reaching down and behind. Focus on lengthening from your toes ...

  • Bird Dog

    Come to all fours, with your hands directly below your shoulders and knees slightly behind your hips. Grounded here, round your spine downwards, and then towards the ceiling. Find your neutral spine between these positions before moving forward; your back should remain perfectly straight througho...

  • Half Kneeling Hip Stretch

    From standing, kneel down onto one knee, with your opposite knee at a 90° angle in front. The top of your rear foot should be rested on the floor with stability. Tuck in your pelvis to feel a lengthening stretch in the front of your hip, extending up through your torso. The majority of your weigh...