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Mornings with Leo | Energizing Adaptive Stretch Class (11 Mins)

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Ballet Arms with Livona | Beginner Dance Class (21 Mins)

Creative • 20m

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  • Mornings with Leo | Energizing Adapti...

    Leo leads you through an adaptive stretch class that will wake up your upper body and neck. Move through a series of wrist, shoulder, tricep, neck, and upper back stretches before finishing the class with an energizing Tai Chi breathing exercise. This class can be done from your chair or any seat...

  • Learn Sun Salutation with Cam | Found...

    Sun Salutation sequences together some of the poses we’ve just learned: Plank pose, Forward Fold, Downward Facing Dog and Upward Facing Dog. The breath is key. Every movement in the sequence has a choreographed inhale or exhale.

  • Learn Frog with Slava | Level 1 (1 Mins)

    Frog is the first of four “animal-based locomotion exercises” - which simply means we imitate how animals move. These movements will likely feel familiar to you: as children, we often flow through these types of motions naturally while we play. Frog is a great way to get comfortable moving with y...