You are in the mood to move boldly. Break out of your comfort zone and try these classes to feel powerful and strong, guaranteed.

Time: 2 to 36 mins

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  • Learn Side Punch Outs with Rob (1 Min)

    Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, hands in guard position. Keep your chin down and elbows tucked in. Your right hand punch will reach to the left side, and your left hand punch will extend to the right. Rotate your hips as you punch to the side, flicking up your heel as yo...

  • Full Body Charge Up with Dom | Strength & Cardio-focused Class (5 Mins)

    In this short but satisfying class, Dom guides through the Pulse Squat, T-Spine Rotation, Bear Plank, Hip Bridge, Eagle Stretch, and Prone Vertical Jump. This is a 5-minute challenge you can add to your day when your energy is dipping or you are running low on time.

  • Your Turn | Take Your First Kickboxing Class with Gabriela (37 Mins)

    Your Turn is a new series featuring community members taking a turn at a new form of movement. These classes are a follow-along format and are designed to be beginner friendly. If you've ever wanted to try HIIT, kickboxing, or dance but are unsure where to start or if this type of movement is for...

  • Warrior Wisdom with Erica | Strength Building Yoga Class (22 Mins)

    Warrior Wisdom creates a moment of presence that is attentive, aware, and complete. In this class, Erica guides you through a powerful and grounding sequence that focuses on building inner strength. You will flow through a series of warrior variations, balancing strength and grace. This is episod...

  • Feel Heroic with Farinaz | Full-Body Kickboxing Class (4 Mins)

    Join world champion Farinaz Lari for a 4-minute kickboxing class. Warm up with a series of deep breaths, upper body stretches, and dynamic foot movements, followed by a fun full-body workout that will increase your muscle tone and build cardiovascular endurance. All you need is a little space to ...