You are in the mood for slow moves. These classes ask you to move with purpose and intention. Slowing down relaxes your mind and puts you at ease in your body.

Time: 2 to 30 mins

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  • Sit with Amanda | Meditation & Breath Class (8 Mins)

    This short practice will get you comfortable sitting and breathing intentionally. It’s a practice of being present. Remember — when we still the breath, we still the mind. Feel tension releasing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes as you finish this practice in Savasana, our consci...

  • Rise with Kate | Weighted Yoga Class (24 Mins)

    Rise combines powerful standing poses with calming breath and deep stretches, using a single weight to add strength and depth to each movement. This slow and methodical sequence creates space and flexibility across the entire body, focusing on the hips, hamstrings, and calves, while intentionally...

  • Gentle Morning Stretch with Lydia | Grounding Yoga Class (35 Mins)

    Join Lydia on the mat for a grounding floor class that gently opens up your body. This practice builds on the yawns and stretches your body is called to do naturally as you awaken. You will stay low to the ground and move through spinal waves, twists, and a side-lying hip sequence. Focus on contr...