Valentines Day Moves

Valentines Day Moves

A few special classes to move, groove, and show a little love to your body! From your Movement team, with love ♥️

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Valentines Day Moves
  • NEW | Unfurl with Livona | Beginner Contemporary Dance Class (32 Mins)

    Join Livona for this low-impact, beginner-friendly dance class. The focus is on building connections to your spine, hips, and pelvis. Livona guides you through each new movement slowly and with intention, starting small and building to a freestyle contemporary dance. This fluid and creative style...

  • NEW | 2-Minute Couch Moves with Amanda | Easy Stretch Class (2 Mins)

    This class is perfect for when you're curled up on the couch on episode 8 of your favourite show. Just two minutes of stretches will open up your body, get your blood flowing, and dissolve any sticky feelings from sitting too long. Amanda will guide you through three simple stretches to target yo...

  • Feel Better with Lydia | Full Body Yoga Class (26 Mins)

    Lydia designed this class with a simple but powerful goal in mind, to support you to feel better. By connecting these intentional movements to your breath, you will find space to bring yourself into the present moment, land in your body, and most importantly, be yourself. You will begin with simp...

  • Soothe with Trilby | Restorative Breath Class (10 Mins)

    Trilby designed this class for you to soften, rejuvenate, and relax. You can take this class seated, lying down on your yoga mat, or even from bed in your favourite pajamas. Trilby will guide you through a calming breathing sequence, counting the breaths for you. All you have to do is listen and ...