DAY 9 | Move Freely

DAY 9 | Move Freely

Your practice for today combines foundational yoga and playful dance elements practiced already in our Signature Challenge. Movement Class with Kate Potter puts a refreshing spin on movements you may have seen before, but make sure to take your time and modify when needed. This one takes practice!

No equipment used.
Time: < 30 minutes.

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DAY 9 | Move Freely
  • Before You Begin

    A seven-minute ‘Before You Begin’ video is included to help you begin class with confidence. This quick introduction can be watched before trying out the main sequence, so you can start moving feeling centred and well-prepared. In the video, Kate introduces you to some of the new movements, shari...

  • Movement Class with Kate Potter

    Movement Class with Kate Potter is a 25-minute sequence that combines yoga and dance to take you somewhere fresh and new. Bring life and buoyancy to your practice as you engage with Kate Potter’s dance-inspired choreography.