DAY 10 | Move with Agility

DAY 10 | Move with Agility

Let’s finish strong on this final day of our Signature Challenge, taking on Season Opener with Dom. Return to your intention for these 10 days of movement and the confidence you’ve found in each new discipline, letting that fuel you in this last class. We did it!

No equipment used.
Time: < 30 minutes.

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DAY 10 | Move with Agility
  • Season Opener with Dom Termansen

    The Season Opener is a high-intensity interval style workout that combines footwork, core, and compound exercises. Made up of four parts, with one minute of rest between each part, this practice will push you to your limits. Dom will change your mind about how impactful 20-minutes of moving can b...

  • Physical Education with Dom Termansen

    CFL player Dom Termansen coaches professional photographer Chris Giannakos through athletic movements, encouraging him to push a little harder, jump a little higher, and providing tips to help him continuously improve and rediscover his motivation for fitness.