Classes by Sylvia

Classes by Sylvia

Sylvia Ozbalt has been teaching fitness for over 40 years with a passion for getting people moving. She combines her dance background and love for the science and art of fitness leadership to create classes that are functional, and designed to make you feel strong and confident.

As you move to Sylvia’s classes, allow yourself to let loose and experience the joy of an upbeat movement practice. Follow Sylvia’s lead and have fun getting in touch with your inner Jane Fonda!

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Classes by Sylvia
  • NEW | Meet Your Teacher | Sylvia (1 Min)

    Sylvia Ozbalt has been teaching fitness for over 40 years. She still remembers the feeling of teaching her first class in 1980 and realizing that getting people moving was her passion. Her love of the science and the art of fitness leadership leads her to create classes that are functional and de...

  • NEW | Stepish with Sylvia | Full Body Cardio Class (7 Mins)

    Let your inner Jane Fonda out with this variation of a classic step class! Follow Sylvia's lead with the intention of letting loose and having fun as you move to the music. Press play and sync your playlist through the Spotify link below to get moving!

    Link to Spotify Playlist: https://open.spo...

  • NEW | How to Sync Your Spotify Playlist with Sylvia (2 Mins)

    Sylvia curated upbeat and fun music playlists for her new fitness classes. In this short video, she guides you through three simple steps to syncing your Spotify playlist. You will learn how to adjust crossfade, where the link for the playlist in each class is, and when to press play.

    If you hav...